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A place for textile and fiber artists to be inspired, learn from the best, promote their work & communicate with like-minded creatives.

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Most recent Textile and fiber art features

Meta Heemskerk interview: Experimenting with metal

Meta Heemskerk interview: Experimenting with metal
For as long as Meta Heemskerk can remember, she has been attracted to creating art. The internet opened a vast collection of new opportunities to connect with others in the creative space, allowing Meta to further explore drawing, needlework, music, and a numb ...

The best of Mr X Stitch: 5 cutting edge blog posts

The best of Mr X Stitch: 5 cutting edge blog posts
We’ve been longtime admirers of Mr X Stitch here at Jamie Chalmers (AKA Mr X Stitch himself), has built a site that’s at the cutting edge of contemporary embroidery, and whilst there are some differences between his audience and ours, we ...

Neil Musson: OCA textiles tutor

Neil Musson: OCA textiles tutor
A broad range of artistic disciplines are offered through textile courses at the Open College of the Arts. These courses build a strong foundation for students to develop their artistic capabilities. By taking a deep and innovative approach to learning textile ...


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Textile artist Nigel Cheney

" is an invaluable resource. I am constantly sending students there and sharing it with other practitioners".

Nigel Cheney
Lecturer in Embroidered Textiles at NCAD

Rachel Parker

"The beauty of is that whenever you visit you'll discover something that you didn't already know".

Rachel Parker
Textile Study Group Graduate of the year 2012

Cas Holmes

" gives contemporary textile practice a voice; leading artists, useful guides & a forum for textiles".

Cas Holmes
Textile Artist and teacher

Carol Naylor

"This website is exactly what we need in the textiles world. A fantastic inspirational resource".

Carol Naylor
Textile and Embroidery Artist

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