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Most recent Textile and fiber art features

Erin Endicott: Tool kit

Erin Endicott: Tool kit
Welcome to another edition of Tool kit, a series of articles where we take a look at some of the favourite tools used by professional textile artists.  Erin Endicott is a contemporary embroidery artist studying textile design in Scotland, before moving to P ...

Bren Ahearn: Spin me a tale

Bren Ahearn: Spin me a tale
San Francisco-based artist Bren Ahearn’s embroidery draws from a variety of cultural references. His work appropriates these recognisable symbols to question expectations about manhood and its assumed qualities of courage, vigour, and determination. Bren ...

Getting ready to exhibit

Getting ready to exhibit
Edge-textile artists Scotland has been dedicated to promoting excellence in contemporary art since its formation in 1999 when three textile art groups from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee joined forces. Since then the group has expanded to incorporate artists fr ...

Ann Brauer: The promise of sunrise

Ann Brauer: The promise of sunrise
Ann Brauer has been using the traditions of quilt making and contemporary concepts of art to create her unique abstract landscapes for the last 34 years. Each quilt is made of commercial cotton that she cuts and carefully pieces to create a statement that is l ...

Mandy Pattullo: From conception to creation

Mandy Pattullo: From conception to creation
Mandy Pattullo lives in Newcastle upon Tyne but produces her work in a studio set in a rural location close to Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland. She originally trained as a surface pattern designer for interior textiles and this background of research into p ...

Kent Henricksen: The buzz of the hive

Kent Henricksen: The buzz of the hive
Kent Henricksen is best known for his embroidered paintings on silk and his ceramic sculpture whose participants don masks and elaborate costumes that transform their wearers into spirits, beasts, or ancestral beings. He has lived and worked in New York City a ...

Textile artists inspired by birds

Textile artists inspired by birds
We can often identify the work of an artist by a certain motif or idiosyncrasy. Birds have been featured in artwork for centuries and seeing our feathered friends composed in thread is endlessly compelling In this article, part of our Discover… series, we t ...

How to ship your artwork

How to ship your artwork
Creating art requires passion, guts and determination. Textile art in particular can be labour intensive and time-consuming. So after that investment of mind, body and soul, there are few things more worrying than sending your most recent work to a new home. A ...


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