Best of Top 10 recommendation articles -

Best of Top 10 recommendation articles

Best of Top 10 recommendation articles

Welcome to another edition of our Best of series, in which we take a retrospective look at some of our most successful and inspirational content.

We frequently receive e-mails from you asking for advice on a range of subjects and over the past few years have compiled a variety of articles to address these requests. Here you’ll find the 10 most popular recommendation articles published to date.

25 amazing WordPress themes for artists


Art and the internet can cause many of us to break into a sweat and hide under the duvet! We wanted to address the issue of how to produce a simple but captivating website so we published this piece in February 2014. Concentrating on themes, styles and lay-outs, this article is a great introduction to Wordpress and where to begin. It proved popular with you judging by the feed back we received:

“The collection of themes is superb. I will definitely use one of the themes from this unique collection.” Low Check Kian

Read the full article here

Top textile art magazines: Our recommendations


Whether you’re an artist looking for inspiration and guidance for a new piece of work or you’re an art-fan interested in keeping up with what’s going on in the world of textiles, industry magazines can be an invaluable source of information. Here we take a look at the best embroidery and textile art magazines on the market. This article has been seen by over 50,000 readers proving the magazine business is alive and thriving.

Read the full article here

Best sewing machines for embroidery


In this article, we turned to top textile artists Carol Naylor, Nigel Cheney and Karen Nicol for advice on sewing machines for embroidery. Each artist talks about which machine they use and why. It proved a popular topic with our audience who enjoyed adding their favoruites to the mix. May the debate long continue:

“I have a Bernina 730 found in a skip and and 830 traded for a piece of work.” Cas Holmes

“Husqvarna is the best!” Helen O’Hara

Read the full article here

Top 10 textile printing books


If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of print and experiment with this highly versatile and varied technique, you may be seeking some guidance. In this article, we take a look at 10 of the best textile printing books to get you started; they’re all Amazon best-sellers and boast several 5 star reviews.

Read the full article here

Best cameras for photographing artwork

Best cameras

Back to the technical challenges faced by artists today and photographing your artwork appeared to be problematic for many of you. In this piece published in May 2015 and viewed by over 20,000 people, we shine a light on the difficulties faced when trying to make your artwork look great in picture. Here we take a look at the different types of camera available and discuss the pros and cons of each level of device.

Read the full article here

Top 10 machine embroidery books

Featured-image- embroidery books

Whether you are looking at embroidery for beginners or you want to develop your machine stitch skills at a more advanced level, there are plenty of good books to help you on your textiles journey. In this article we review 10 guides that have made an impact on the textile scene. Here you can read a short analysis of each book and learn a little bit about the authors.

Read the full article here

Top 5 UK textile art groups


Many of you would love to join a textile art group but struggle to find the right one to approach. In this piece from May 2015 we take an in-depth look at 5 top textile art groups and we discover who is involved and what their aims and achievements are. There are some striking images to accompany the piece.

Read the full article here

Best fabric scissors: Ask the experts


Once again we turn to the experts for some top advice on which fabric shears they recommend to buy and why. Cate Hursthouse, Sue Stone and Lindsay Taylor all reveal their personal preferences provoking a lively debate. A useful, fact-packed piece.

Read the full article here

Top 6 textile artist books: Our recommendations


From tutorial style guides to the biography of an admired artist, picked 6 books that made an impression in 2013. If you’ve read any of them since then, or simply wish to add your recommendations to the list, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments box.

Read the full article here

Best embroidery scissors: Ask the experts


As an essential part of your tool kit, the humble scissor came under scrutiny in this piece published in June 2013. We asked six favourites to tell us about their choice of scissor and what their appeal is. A healthy discussion ensues but everyone agrees that it’s the item every artist simply can’t live without!

Read the full article here

Let us know what your top recommendations are by leaving a comment below.

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