Top textile art magazines: Our recommendations

Top textile art magazines: Our recommendations

Whether you’re an art-fan interested in keeping up with what’s going on in the world of textiles or you’re an artist yourself and would like some inspiration and guidance for a new piece of work, industry magazines can be an invaluable source of information. Here we take a look at the best embroidery and textile art magazines on the market.

Embroidery Magazine

Embroidery Magazine

Embroidery magazine is put together by the Embroiderers’ Guild who boast 10,000 members, 195 branches, 650 young embroiderers, 2 magazines, museum collections, international tours, courses, competitions and events. So, as you’d expect, it’s a high quality publication packed with inspirational articles and ideas for everyone from seasoned embroiderers to keen hobbyists with a passion for textile art and fabric.

What’s particularly impressive is the range of material it covers; colourful features showcasing work from the contemporary world of textiles right through to more traditional fare. The editorial team is always on the cutting edge of what’s going on in the art and fashion worlds. The comprehensive ‘What’s On’ pages and a handy diary keep readers bang up to date with the hottest shows and events from around the UK.

The mission statement from Embroidery Magazine states that they aim to bring their readers the best of embroidery and textiles. This is achieved in no small part by talking to and interviewing the country’s top makers and stitchers; these fascinating studies make for compelling reading offering a unique insight into the world of this much-loved craft.

The magazine is published every other month and costs £4.90 per issue or £29.40 for a year’s subscription and is available from the Embroidery Magazine website.

Selvedge Magazine

Selvedge Textile Art Magazine

Selvedge is a highly modern competitor within the realm of embroidery and textile art magazines. What differentiates Selvedge? It is directed towards an international audience and prides itself on having a ‘discerning’ readership. It certainly looks stylish and contemporary. Some of the main attractions are textile art photography of the highest quality, a sleek design and economic but engaging writing.

Selvedge spans the arc of fine textiles, with regular features on interiors, travel, fashion and shopping.

If you’re not sure whether this is the magazine for you, you can download a trial issue from their website, which features interviews with Yoshiko Wada and quilter Effie Mae Howard, as well as a section exploring the latest trends and essential ideas in textiles.

Selvedge Textile Art Magazine is published bi-monthly. Back issues can be bought from the website and cost anything from £7.50 to £25. You can subscribe for 6 months (£25), a year (£50) or two years (£75).

Fiber Art Now

Fiber Art Now is one of the best textile art magazines available through print or digital versions.

Launched in Autumn 2011, Fiber Art Now is a quarterly print magazine and boasts a thriving and vibrant network of artists, collectors, enthusiasts and experts. Its aim is to inspire and connect the modern-day fiber arts and textiles community. The magazine is available in Barnes and Noble stores, plus several other bookstores across the US. You can also easily subscribe online from other countries.

In 2009 Marcia Young, the editor and founder of Fiber Art Now, started an online blog to post images from a local quilt show. From this seed sprang the print magazine which is getting bigger and better with every new issue. You can read’s interview with Marcia here.

The passion with which Marcia and her team produce this invaluable resource is clear from the quality and range of articles which feature inspiring work, ideas and craftsmanship from the contemporary international artists.

For a taster read free articles on the Fiber Art Now website.

A digital subscription is now available for $21.99 per issue. You will receive one complimentary issue when you subscribe digitally. The print version costs $38 in the US, $46 in Canada and $53 for the rest of the world. Click here to subscribe.

Surface Design Journal

Surface Design Journal

The Surface Design Journal is produced 4 times a year and subscription is complimentary to members of the Surface Design Association. What makes this magazine unique amongst its competitors is that each issue is based around an intriguing theme. This might be a medium such as mixed-media, a technique such as screen-printing or machine embroidery, an area of inspiration or a specific part of the world.

The Surface Design Journal is aimed at an international market and the content of the magazine focuses on contemporary textile and fiber art with coverage of conceptualisation, process and materials required for various techniques and forms.

You can download a sample PDF by clicking here.

A year’s membership to the Surface Design Association costs $60 and includes a subscription to the magazine and numerous other benefits. Individual copies of the magazine cost $15 and are available at the SDA website.

Crafts Magazine

Crafts magazine

Crafts magazine is published by the Crafts Council, whose goal is to ‘make the UK the best place to make, see, collect and learn about contemporary craft’. Although not specifically marketed as a magazine for textile artists, there is always plenty for stitchers, embroiderers, fiber artists and fans of these mediums to enjoy.

The magazine has the clear aim of reaching a wide audience in order to increase and diversify the range of people interested in contemporary craft, which means it’s always full of varied and interesting articles. Crafts magazine is committed to championing the highest quality contemporary craft practice nationally (in the UK) and internationally, which is apparent in the content of the publication, often showcasing some of the world’s best and most influential artists in this sphere.

It is sumptuously illustrated to a very high standard and goes into great detail in its quest to bring the world of contemporary craft to its readers.

Published 6 times a year, a yearly subscription costs £34, or £30 for students. Back issues are available for £5.50 each. Available from the Crafts Magazine website.

Stitch Magazine

Stitch Magazine

Another offering from the Embroiderers’ Guild, Stitch is more of a hands-on embroidery magazine; it focuses on the act of making, as opposed to being a directory or journal. It offers insights into contemporary, traditional and historical textile art techniques with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. It also provides inspiration and creative ideas.

Each issue features designs for the embroiderer to follow, information about workshops and classes with respected tutors and exploration of traditional techniques and stitches. It also promotes innovation by showcasing new and exciting products to give your work a fresh twist.

The great thing about Stitch is that it can be used by the most experienced embroiderers as well as beginners or hobbyists with a passion for embroidery.

Stitch Magazine is available every other month and costs £4.99 for a single issue or £25.50 for an annual subscription.

Magazines featured in this article:

Embroidery Magazine
Fiber Art Now
Surface Design Journal
Crafts Magazine
Stitch magazine

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