Tapestry talent: 5 amazing artists who weave

Tapestry talent: 5 amazing artists who weave

The art of weaving has compelled and inspired makers for centuries to push the boundaries of their creativity.

The interlacing of threads to produce woven art can often bring exciting results and its allure appears to be on the rise.

In this article, part of our Discover… series, we remind you of 5 amazing artists working in this field and reveal what happens when the warp hits the weft.

Lucy Poskitt

Lucy Poskitt, Monsoon

Lucy Poskitt, Monsoon

Vancouver-born, Victoria-based textile artist Lucy Poskitt is a contemporary weaver walking the line between traditional image-based tapestry and yardage weaving. Working with a looser and more experimental hand, Lucy draws inspiration from local landscapes and lore, especially the ambiguous stories and symbols we use to explain our place in this world.

Lucy studied within the Interdisciplinary Program of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University and the New York Studio Program, focusing on several disciplines: weaving, art history, printmaking and installation art, all which inform her tapestry work and teaching philosophy today.

Her work has been exhibited and collected internationally and she has taught tapestry workshops across Canada and the United States to hundreds of students with her relaxed, patient and exploratory teaching style.

Read Lucy’s interview with TextileArtist.org here

For more information visit: www.lucyposkitt.com

Michael Crompton

Michael Crompton, Moonbeams Kiss the Waves

Michael Crompton, Moonbeams Kiss the Waves

Being born in the textile area of Radcliffe, Manchester it was hardly surprising that Michael followed a life in weaving. Not in the industrial sphere but following in the footsteps of the small country workshop. Beginning in the early 1960’s weaving tweed fabrics he quickly developed an interest in the art of woven tapestries.

After a short career in education, teaching in schools and at the University of Durham Michael set up a workshop in the Weardale village of Ireshopeburn where from 1977 until 2004 he lived and worked.

Now in his mid-seventies and based on the Morecambe Bay coast he concentrates on developing his processes and writings alongside the challenge of tapestry. From the colours and shapes contained within a textile, he is more and more involved with narrative behind the images.

Read Michael’s interview with TextileArtist.org here

Nicola Henley

Nicola Henley, Ravens and Mist

Nicola Henley, Ravens and Mist

Nicola Henley is known for her work involving movement in natural spaces, often depicted in her art through the movement of birds. By watching and drawing their motion she aims to capture a sense of scale and movement within space.

Having completed her degree at Goldsmith’s college in 1984, Nicola has spent the past 30 years exhibiting her work across the United Kingdom and abroad. Having been born in Bristol, England, Nicola moved to Ireland in 1991 to set up her studio and pursue large-scale artwork.

Read Nicola’s interview with TextileArtist.org here

For more information visit: www.nicolahenley.com

Sue Spooner

Sue Spooner, Hardy Complex, Portland

Sue Spooner, Hardy Complex, Portland

Sue Spooner designs and makes weft faced tapestries in rich hand-dyed worsted-spun yarn, woven on a horizontal foot power loom.

For several years she designed and made woven and sewn garments influenced by the stripe and geometrical patterns of North Africa and Oriental textiles. She now concentrates solely on making tapestry wall-hangings, mainly for exhibition and commission.

Sue has worked and reworked images from the landscape and industrial archaeology of her local area of Cornwall, as well as areas in Cyprus, Crete, Spain and California.

She exhibits regularly at the Cornwall Crafts Association galleries.

Read Sue’s interview with TextileArtist.org here

For more information visit: www.cornwallcrafts.co.uk

Terra Fuller

Terra Fuller, Tamazight Arranged Marriage Sleeping Mat, 2010

Terra Fuller, Tamazight Arranged Marriage Sleeping Mat, 2010

Terra Fuller is a multidisciplinary artist who is influenced by indigenous cultures from around the world. She has exhibited extensively on the east and west coast and is currently learning how to make quilts with an Amish master quilter from her hometown.

Her multimedia work, drawings, photographs, videos, carpets, and baskets, have been exhibited in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles, Berlin, New Zealand, Hungary and Wales.

After living in Morocco and working with carpet weavers for over two years, she was awarded a New Orleans Arts Council Grant to bring three carpet weavers from the Moroccan village to the USA on a carpet art tour to teach weaving workshops and exhibit their work alongside hers at galleries in the US.

Read Terra’s interview with TextileArtist.org here

For more information visit: www.terrafuller.com

Tell us about your favourite textile weaver in the comments section below.

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  1. Judy Tadman says:

    Absolutely wonderful. This collection of work is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing,
    Judy Tadman

  2. Samantha Jones says:

    Wow ! Inspiration and creativity needed for tapestry fans this side of twenty first century !

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