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Tilleke Schwarz’s New Potatoes: Book review

Tilleke Schwarz’s New Potatoes: Book review

In this new book international textile artist Tilleke Schwarz describes her work as ‘one continuing story, a personal reflection of modern life’. New Potatoes is the sequel to her earlier book Mark Making and includes work from 2007 to her most recent work ‘Scratch’ 2012 which is featured on the cover.

Starting with a perceptive interview with the artist by Hanne Hagenaars, the book, does not disappoint. Showcasing the eclectic mix of imagery and humour we have come to expect from Tilleke’s work, the 72 pages are a blaze of close up details as well as background information about the individual pieces of work.

A plethora of references

The various pieces of work contain a plethora of both humourous and more serious references including, a French presidential candidate, the G8 summit, the artist’s washing machine, maps and road signs, the poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Osama Bin Laden, the hotel toilet in Kaunas, an entire zoo of animals, including of course, the inevitable cat, without which Tilleke does not regard her work as ready.

Family tributes

Also included in the book are two rarely seen and very personal textile pieces with buttons which pay tribute to Tilleke’s father and mother. Family I is made from a pair of her father’s long johns covered all over with old buttons which evoke personal memories from the viewer. In the second of these pieces Family II a button covered woollen jacket worn by Tilleke’s mother is combined with one of Tilleke’s own sweaters on which, as Tilleke puts it ‘beats the family heart of old linen buttons’.

This book provides an insightful glimpse into what inspires textile artist Tilleke Schwarz to stitch. Well worth a read.

For further information on how to order go to: www.tillekeschwarz.com/shop/book

Tilleke Schwarz – New Potatoes published 2012
ISBN 978-90-9026606-0

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2 comments on “Tilleke Schwarz’s New Potatoes: Book review”

  1. Geertje Westra says:

    Lijkt me een heel fraai en interessant boek!
    Wat moet het eventueel kosten?
    Ik bewonder je werk nog steeds, als ik ergens in de gelegenheid ben ga ik altijd kijken.
    Ik merk dat ik zelf ook steeds losser en vrijer ga borduren.
    Ik ben ook te vinden op internet, heb zelf geen blog, maar onder mijn naam kom je op die van anderen.
    Nu kan ik inderdaad altijd naar jouwwerk kijken.
    Hartelijke groeten van
    Geertje Westra

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