Book review: Stitch Stories by Cas Holmes

Book review: Stitch Stories by Cas Holmes

Inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere. It’s all around us if we can just find the skill to look and to see. This book will certainly help you do that. Stitch Stories 2015 is the third book for Batsford by Cas Holmes. Her previous books are Connected Cloth 2013  co-authored with Anne Kelly and the very popular The Found Object in Textile Art 2010 which has been reprinted three times.

Cas Holmes is one of the UK’s best known textile artists. Using mostly low-tech techniques and found materials, Cas works in layers of collaged, often cast-off textiles. Her work captures fleeting moments in time and creates narratives which often respond to the human state, her travels, her environment, or her experiences.  As well as being an acclaimed textile artist Cas is renowned as an inspirational teacher. For over thirty years she has travelled, taught and exhibited around the world.

Stitch Stories

In this book Cas shows you how to record your own experiences using sketchbooks, journals and photography to arrive at a starting point for stitched textile pieces. The ‘Stitch Stories’ book itself is very tactile, having a printed fabric cover so it feels lovely to hold as you browse through it. It’s full of beautiful photographs of work by artists from the USA, Australia, Japan and Europe; some I was familiar with but there are plenty of names I had not heard of before, which is refreshing. I was very pleased to see lots of ‘close up’ details of the work, to see exactly how the pieces are made is always a treat. There’s plenty of attention to detail and the techniques are clearly explained.

What’s in the book – chapter by chapter

  • The first chapter ‘Places, spaces and traces’  Cas starts by telling us about her process of ‘stitch sketching’ and explains the difference between a mark made by a pencil and a mark made on fabric. I was fascinated to read about the minimal kit she takes on her travels as I am not a person who seems to be able to travel light; Cas, on the other hand has got this sorted. There are some great examples of artist’s journals and ideas on how to make your own journal, how and what to record and suggestions about methods of working.
  • The second chapter is ‘Seizing inspiration’ which looks at the different approaches for development  of your ideas, using objects that you have collected, using the shadows of objects, making collages, or working in collaboration with others. There are helpful tips on how to transfer your drawing to cloth and even how to clear your headspace.
  • The next chapter on ‘The natural world’ looks at diverse ways of recording landscape by various artists and the natural resources provided by plants and gathered materials. This is interspersed with clear instruction on processes such as transfer printing and eco-dyeing.
  • The chapter ‘All in the detail’ has an interesting description of creating an exhibition of work with limited resources, giving a fascinating insight into how Cas herself works, but most of all, it shows that you don’t need expensive materials or equipment to make a beautiful body of work.
  • ‘Off the beaten track’ informs us of the long tradition of textiles as a device for telling stories and conveys ideas for using vintage fabrics within your own work, highlighting techniques which can be used for this.
  • The last chapter ‘Telling Stories in Stitch’ continues on the theme of stitch and social narrative with an emphasis on the quality of hand stitching and has a selection of work from some of my own favourite hand stitchers.

Finally to quote Cas Holmes herself:

“Textiles and the use of stitch are powerful tools for developing narrative. Stitch brings its own ‘story’ with it, enabling us to articulate a complex process of ideas, images, material and emotion.”

Who is it for?

Combining humanity, emotion, intelligence, inspiration and instruction in equal measures, this book is suitable for both the enthusiastic beginner and those with more experience. A wonderful reference book which will inspire you to create your own unique work. I’m sure it will be dipped into and re-read over and over again.

Product details Stitch Stories 2015 by Cas Holmes

Published by Batsford – 128 page full colour illustrated hardback book.

ISBN 978-1-84994-274-4

Product Dimensions: 27.9 x 22.4 x 1.5 cm

Book review by Sue Stone

Which other textile books inspire you? Leave a comment below to let us know.

Tuesday 03rd, October 2023 / 19:29

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120 comments on “Book review: Stitch Stories by Cas Holmes”

  1. Pippa. Coombs says:

    Great idea for a book we are all told to keep a sketch book but not how to translate it in fabric and fibre.This book woul certainly get the creative juices flowing and how to keep a record of them. My favourite textile book up to now is “500felt objects” as it inspires every time you look in it

  2. Found object in textile art by cas was a great inspiration to me. I too developed a different route to mixed media work having studied fine art first. To me fine art includes textiles or any material to tell a story from the materials themselves and the way they are combined by the artist. This looks like another source of inspiration.

  3. vicki says:

    a good review of a very interesting book – thank you. looking forward to getting a copy

  4. Meegan Colgan says:

    The Embroiderers Garden by Thomasina Beck stands out among many inspiring books. It was my first embroidery book and I still refer to it. From the review, Cas Holmes book sounds like it will be of that quality.

  5. What a great review. It clearly lays out what is in the book, as well as what the reviewer thinks of the content. It certainly makes me want to read it – definitely one for my wish list.

  6. Andrea says:

    Stories and histories, little fragments of life that live in our memories. Textiles are a big part of our lives as we wear and feel them everyday, they hold images like photos and take us back to a moment in time, preserved forever in our souls.

  7. Angela Boyce says:

    I saw Cas Holmes at a talk she gave a couple of years ago and was fascinated by her work and her way of working, especially the way she used materials found locally so she travelled with very little. This book is on my Christmas list but it would be great to win it.

  8. Kathryn Thompson says:

    A lovely book to inspire the reader to develop their own ideas through the medium of print and stitch

  9. Kirsten Shearer says:

    Being a beginner in the world of textile art, the review of this book makes it look like a must for the shelf collection. Something to guide and help in years to come for inspiration and guidance. The cover also makes it a real treasure. Definetely one for the wish list.

  10. The most inspiring book I own is; Unconventional & Unexpected, American Quilts Below The Radar 1950-2000 written by Roderick Kiracofe.
    This book is a document about freer made and unexpected quilts. A number of modern quiltexperts wrote the essays about this form of creative expression in textile art.

  11. Tess Harvey says:

    I had seen this book on various websites and wondered exactly what it contained….from this review I now have a good idea. Definitely going on my Christmas list. Thank you.

  12. Lee Mills says:

    How wonderful and congrats to Cas on the book. I have followed her amazing work and to have information on her processes sounds like a book I need in my library.

  13. Roelien Vroom says:

    When I read this book review I think its exactly where I am looking for. I give curses in thinking and telling about your own life story (Biography). Textiles and the use of stitch are powerful tools for devoloping your narrative . I will not use expensive materials or equipment to make a beautiful body of work. All the chapters in this book seems they can be a help to support the proces of telling you story on a creative way, with your own materials (ues or found objects) en translate this into a narrative. The quote of Cas seems to be my qoute (“Textiles and the use of stitch are powerful tools for developing narrative. Stitch brings its own ‘story’ with it, enabling us to articulate a complex process of ideas, images, material and emotion”.) and I like to share it with others. So this book will certainly become on my wish list!

  14. Agatha Lee says:

    I’ve been following Cass for a few years and I love how she manages to bring things that I would have never thought could go together. I’m looking forward to getting this book and reading how she is inspired!

  15. Kirsten Leigh says:

    This sounds like an invaluable resource for both students and more established artists. I particularly like the idea of expanding the content beyond the standard ‘how to do this technique’ content, to cover exhibitions and more difficult to convey themes like narrative or storytelling. Like the commenter above, I’m adding it to my wish list!

  16. Sheena Moore says:

    This thorough and perceptive review allows admirers of Cas Holmes’ work detailed insight into this new book that sounds completely engaging. Constructing and finding narratives in textile art makes the works accessible and allows the viewer greater insight into process and meaning. I’d love to read it to find out more.

  17. Although one might be advised to never judge a book by its cover, I think the review is a delightful insight into what that cover holds. Thank you Sue. You ask me to choose which textile books inspire me form my own extensive library – one is Yoshiko Wada’s Memory on Cloth and another is The World of Rozome: Wax-Resist Textiles of Japan, by Betsy Sterling Benjamin.
    Cant forget Victoria Finlay Colour: Travels Through the Paintbox, and Italo Calvino – Six Memos for the Next Millennium.
    Australian resources that inspire me are Jean Carmen Dye Making with Eucalyptus ISBN 0727006487 written in 1978 now out of print
    Utopia : a picture story : 88 silk batiks from the Robert Holmes à Court Collection / Anne Marie Brody in association with Rodney Gooch, CAAMA shop and the Utopia artists ; portrait photographs by Nicholas Adler
    and Christine Nicholls: Kathleen Petyarre – Genius Of Place/contemporary Aboriginal art

    cheers Susan

  18. Pat Bean says:

    I can always pick out Cas Holmes’s work and have her second book . The design aspect really appeals to me …so much to learn and this book would really help !
    My other favourite textile artist is Sandra Meech. Again a lot to give in designing for textiles.

    Pat Bean

  19. Diane Akers says:

    Our students have found Cas Holme’s work so inspiring…I can’t wait to get a copy and show them! Fantastic review!

  20. Jen S. says:

    This is a great review and makes me want to dash out and buy this book immediately. I enjoyed the chapter by chapter breakdown which is extremely helpful. Sometimes buying a book online is a gamble if you’ve not been able to see inside but this review gives me confidence. I’m already very familiar with Cas Holmes’ work; she’s probably my favourite textile artist and I already have ‘The Found Object’. This latest book is already added to my wish list.

  21. Clare-Louise Sandell says:

    A fantastically detailed review that leaves doubt about the content of this book. I feel that in life we wonder through fixated on day to day activities we miss the joy and beauty in our surroundings. This book offers us a way to translate these concepts into reality.

  22. Tricia Livingston says:

    I have many favourite books and DVDs covering many different textile and fiber arts. Among which I have the set of Inspiration DVDs from Colouricious which are wonderful for reference, inspiration and show many different techniques. I can`t pick any particular favourite as I find all of them inspirational and a great reference source. I think stitch stories would be a wonderful addition to my library and would be well used. This one definitely has to be added to my wish list.:-)

  23. What a lovely review of what appears to be a “must have” book.

  24. Thank you for this detailed review – informative and enticing. I’ve attended a workshop weekend by Cas Holmes last year and in person the teacher proved to be as inspiring as my favourite textile book (The found object in textile art) promised her to be. Cas’ vision on making art speaks to me. It was great to be taught by her in person and finding in her the same enthousiasm and inspiration as in her book(s). Your review confirms that Cas’ new book has to be #1 on my wish list! I’m certain it will be of great value in my next steps as an artist.

  25. Vini Farrar says:

    Great review! This book is exactly what I need right now to be inspired to create! Would love to have it on my bookshelf!

  26. Gail Parker says:

    I saw Cas Holmes’ entry at the Quilt Triennale in Heidelberg, Germany and became an instant fan. Seeing she had written a book I looked at the review. I found the detail of the description very informative and helpful. I have put this book on my list of ‘must buys’

  27. Christine Monteiro says:

    I have long been fascinated with the idea of preserving, telling or sharing stories via fibre artistry. I feel quilts are already a piece of history, a message from the past into the future. Adding details of a particular story only makes it more so. Would LOVE a chance to be inspired by this book!

  28. It was great to get an introduction to each chapter and gave us a flavour of the book. I would love to own a copy. it sounds like a most have for all artists!

  29. I have a limited budget for books and almost never buy a book without looking at it first. Most reviews do not give me enough insight to make a decision. This review, was quite comprehensive. I feel that I have gotten a good overview. The only thing I would have liked to have seen would have been a few pictures from the book to further wet my appetite.

  30. Annette Goswell says:

    Thank you for such a helpful review. It’s great to hear what is in each chapter as you don’t get such detail on Amazon – my usual source of books.

  31. Jane Rylands says:

    Thank you for this review. I was frustrated that Amazon did not have a ‘click and see inside’ option for the book but you have provided a decent substitute and the book is definitely one for my shelves – I’m not sure I can wait until the end of the month to see if I might have won one of the give-away copies!
    Gwen Hedley’s ‘Drawn to Stitch’ is one of my favourite books – I love the expressive use of hand stitching.

  32. Amanda Williamson says:

    Thank you so much, for making an easy decision to buy this book even easier! I love Cas Holmes work, and will be using this book, to not only inspire my students, who are currently working on a story telling and identity project, but to also help me launch myself and exhibit better. The Found Object in Textile Art, is one of my go to books, when trying to enthuse young people, and I am sure that this book will be just as inspirational.

  33. Elaine Ross says:

    As a member of 3 art quilt groups we are often challenging ourselves to go beyond the ordinary. We have done some of what this book seems to reference, but I am intrigued to learn morel. Sounds like a welcome addition to my library.

  34. Pat Borecky says:

    Sounds like a fabulous book with great techniques, including using vintage fabrics & hand stitching – a book I would like to own.

  35. Your review gives a good idea of this book and I add this title to my wish list. I am very interested by the Cas Holmes’s philosophy and her works telling stories. I think this book will be on top of the pile for its inspiration. I have Draw to Stitch by Gwen Hedley and it is never so far.

  36. Cindy Kovack says:

    This book is a creative way to seize inspiration in your art. An book full of mixed media ideas, with a tactile fabric cover, wonderful!

  37. Jill Woods says:

    What a thorough and clear review. As an ‘enthusiastic beginner’ I will certainly be investigating Cas’ other books as well.

  38. I am especially looking forward to this book after cleaning out the house that my mother lived in for 70 years. She was a sewist and a watercolor painter and never threw out anything. I want to make some art from her stashes and I’m searching for the right inspiration. I have The Found Object in Textile Art and I love it!

  39. Alison Harker says:

    An enticing, informative review of an inspirational artist and her work- truly accessible to all, giving encouragement to all creative people, using what is around as all the time.
    Definitely a ‘need’ book!
    Another of my favourites is ‘Eco Colour-botanical dyes for beautiful textiles’ by India Flint

  40. Bryn Dineen says:

    What a thorough and informative review – if I’m not lucky enough to win a copy, I shall definitely be purchasing one – It sounds like an inspirational and helpful read!

  41. Liesbeth Williams says:

    Good review. I would love to see Cas Holmes’s book. One of the textile books I have found inspiring is Nancy Crow: Quilts and Influences. I like that there are a lot of photographs of her studio, with work hanging on design walls, shelves of fabric, tables of work in progress. Also small sections of ‘how to do’. It is so useful to see how professional people work.

  42. Margaret Earle says:

    So useful. A book that offers tips on how to translate my own headspace into meaningful shapes on textile. One that also includes instructions on various techniques. The inclusion of samples of existing works always stimulates my creative juices and all without breaking the bank. This review means the book has definitely caught my interest. Just had a birthday but Christmas is not too far off. I received Ruth Issetts book ” A Passion for Colour” as a birthday gift. I am positively devouring it. Practical instruction, useful tips and colour abounding it would make a great present for beginners and more experienced textile artists alike.

  43. Charlotte says:

    Oooh, this book looks amazing. Thanks for the comprehensive review. The book is going on my wish list for sure.

    My current favorite textiles book (it varies moment to moment) is Rebecca Ringquist’s Embroidery Workshop.

  44. Beverly Flanagan says:

    I so appreciate this review! An advanced beginner as a quilter, with interests extending into collage, and studying reminiscence and life story work, this book, now that I understand more clearly what it’s about other than merely reading the title, is one I believe I need to invest in. I was frustrated at the lack of information to be found on Amazon, but this review has really gotten me interested!

  45. Naye Tennant says:

    Thank you for your detailed review. I too had been frustrated that there was no Look Inside option on Amazon. However, I saw her work first on this website and then, based on your links to her website, I have loved her work. I live in South Africa where books are hugely expensive, so have ordered this book and another of hers to be sent to a UK address for when I am next in the UK. And this review has helped me know I have made brilliant choices…. And must plan the next trip. Big smiles and thank you.

    I think one of my favourite books is Kay Greenlees’ Creating Sketchbooks for Embroiderers and Textile Artists. How does this connect with Stitch Stories … found objects, collage, a sense of her investigating, reflecting, finding one’s own way.

  46. Great review. It’s always helpful to read a review from one who knows fiber, not just writing styles. I have enjoyed Cas’ other books. One of my favorite books is “Stitched Textiles: Landscapes” by Kathleen Matthews.

  47. Carol Sutherland says:

    I already own Cas Holmes’ book, ‘The Found Object in Textile Art’, and was wondering if I really needed a second book by her – having read this review I now I know that I do. I have plenty books on technique but need help when it comes to channelling my creativity and to actually get my scatter gun thoughts into some kind of meaning and order. It sounds as if this book will help to plug that gap between the initial idea and the finished piece. It will definitely be going on my wish list.

  48. Sounds like an excellent book and is now on my Amazon wish list. One of my favourite textile books is: Free-Form Embroidery with Judith Baker Montano: Transforming Traditional Stitches into Fiber Art.

  49. Susan Beattie says:

    Thank you for this informative and well written review on Stitch Stories which has convinced me I need this book. The title resonates with me as I love projects that have connections, history and stories within. The description of content within the first chapter alone seems to be so current for my own personal needs as I currently live abroad and need help on travelling light with equipment! Advice on making a journal to capture the beauty and inspiration all around is a bonus. The very fact that this review is not flooded with pictures has only tweaked my curiosity further and I cannot wait to open that beautiful cover. It’s certainly at the top of my wish list now.
    I love Ray Slater’s Cloth Dolls for Textile Artists which is packed with unique ideas for creating textiles.

  50. melanie says:

    i love the imaginative work by Lisa Solomon, but I still have not gotten over the women of Gees Bend!

  51. Shirley Rogozinsky says:

    What a comprehensive review. How wonderful telling stories in fabric and stitches; it makes me want to put to use my little pieces of family history I’ve been collecting and what I consider my most precious objects. I too though, would have liked to have a peek at the images in the book. For me “a picture does say a thousand words.” It is a book added to my wish list.

  52. I very much enjoyed reading this review and Stitch Stories goes straight onto my ‘must read’ list! I’m currently reading Layer, Paint and Stitch by Wendy Dolan which I’m finding full of inspiration and has encouraged me to take my first tentative steps in adding paint to my textile pieces.

  53. Di says:

    Great review. Makes me want to read it – definitely a book for my wish list. From the review, I think this book will appeal to a very wide range of people – a great gift idea too! I own Connected Cloth & love that book, especially nice after meeting Anne Kelly at Phoenix Petersfield. Would love to meet Cas Holmes – author meet & greets planned?

  54. Jenny Mynett says:

    This looks like it would be another treasured book to add to my sagging bookshelf. I too would have loved some more images and won’t bother to check out Amazon to ‘click to see inside’ The cover image is enough to wet my appetite and the review seems to indicate that this provides comprehensive coverage of both personal experience and extensive exploration into the textile world. I know that my sketch books fall short so this is just the right book to inspire my creativity and can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. As a poor student I just hope that I can get one of the free ones!!

  55. Patty says:

    Looks like a fascinating book!

  56. Kevin Womack says:

    An excellent & thorough review!

  57. Denise Schmidt says:

    Great review! Hope I am the lucky winner! I, too, have learned not to be seduced by a book’s cover, and generally do not buy without leafing through them first. I do love Batsford books, which are hard to find in California — nonetheless, I have six of them. My favorite is Sandra Meech’s first book, Contemporary Stitch. Thanks for publishing books that inspire!

  58. That looks like a very inspirational read. Another one for my Wishlist! :o)

  59. Janet says:

    I struggle to journal in an artistic way – everything I write seems so mundane!


  60. michele wise says:

    I like to see exactly what is in a book. I am a book lover and have many. I appreciate the details in this review and look forward to viewing the book.

  61. Lena says:

    I especially need the chapter on Inspiration! The muse isn’t always there when I need it to be…
    If I am the lucky winner of one of these books, perhaps the muse will find me more often!

  62. Ann Genaske says:

    Thank you for this comprehensive review on yet another masterpiece by Ms Holmes. My latest inspiration comes from an older book: Perfect Hand Applique by Liuxin Newman. I’ve been waiting for some time to read this hard to come by instruction manual.

  63. Cath Stonard says:

    Thanks Sue, a good and comprehensive review of Cas Holmes third book. I already have the first two, and have been wondering if there would be anything really new in this publication that hasn’t already been covered. I’m happy to say that it sounds as though there is, and I especially look forward to reading chapter two on approaches to developing ideas, and on how to clear your headspace, something that I find really difficult!

  64. Juliet Ayer says:

    Thank you for such a clear and thoughtful review. This is most definitely on my wish list as I have long been an admirer of Cas Holmes’s work. I’m at the initial ideas stage for Wey Valley Workshop’s 2016 exhibition entitled “Threads of Meaning” and am struggling to narrow down my options, and this book sounds like it will give me the sort of inspiration and focus I need to bring my ideas to fruition.

  65. Hi!
    Sincerely I didn’t knew this book, but I would like to have him!! My favorite books are about textiles, crafts and Arte in general!!

  66. Di Hayes says:

    “A Passion for Colour”, by Ruth Issett is a constant source of inspiration to me, particularly on dark December days. She explores and experiments with colour and her vibrant, intense photographs lift my spirits as well as encouraging me to play with colour and stitch.

  67. Ann says:

    Thanks for the detailed review. I have the Found objects book & love it. Another of my favorite authors is Maggie Grey, also from UK with numerous terrific stitch books full of inspiration

  68. Bev Williams says:

    An informed review of the book. One for my wish list too. I have two favourite books – Gwen Hedley’s ‘Drawn to Stitch’ and Rosie James’ ‘Stitch Draw’

  69. Theresa Carroll says:

    This is a very well written review. I am a great admirer of the work of Cas Holmes, her work is inspirational to all textile artists. I would certainly be encouraged to go and buy this book and delve into all it promises to reveal.

  70. Lynette (NZ) says:

    The book looks wonderful – thanks for this review. I own her “Found object” which I love. My other favourites at present are Angie Hughes’ book “Stitch, Cloth, paper and paint”, Janet Edmonds “From Print to stitch” and Alysn Midgelow-Marsden’s “stitch, fibre, metal and mixed media”. Thanks for the opportunity to win what promises to be another great source of stitching joy.

  71. Tanks for this review – sounds fabulous!

  72. Kate Philbin says:

    I love Cas’s Found Objects book and have used in in my C&G Machine Embroidery, but all Batsford books are great!

  73. Maggie hollins says:

    uniquely felt by christine white has been the most informative book I have used. I would love to complement it with Cas Holmes’ wonderful book.

  74. Margaret Rogerson says:

    I love Cas Holmes’s work.
    My favourite book at the moment is Working in a Series by Elizabeth Barton.

  75. Ann Brown says:

    A succinct yet comprehensive review. It is good to be able to consider the contents well enough to see how much information is already on my library shelf before buying another book. Mind you, the book itself sounds so utterly lovely so that might be the clincher for me!!

    Alice Fox’s “Natural Processes in Textile Art” is proving to be well worth having.

  76. Donna Funnell says:

    Great review! My favourite book right now is Janet Bolton’s Fabric Pictures. I recently met Janet at her workshop here in Canada. I now need Stitch Stories to add to my other books by Cas Holmes.

  77. Denise Abbott says:

    Your review made me want to buy the book! I like books that inspire but also instruct so that i can try out new ideas. The front cover intrigued me and made me want to know more.

    Books that have inspired me; A Trip Around The Wool, Segolaine Schweitzer.

  78. K. Roig says:

    One book that inspired me was Raoul D’Harcourt’s “Textiles of Ancient Peru and Their Techniques”. You can read my review here:

    And Nick Cave!!

    Or any books about the Bauhaus and Black Mountain College.

    Ms. Holmes definitely looks to be worth checking out as well.

  79. Denise Howard says:

    Stitch Stories is definitely on my wish list of books to own. Thank you for the review, because I too, like another person commented, was disappointed that Amazon did not have a preview of it. I am thrilled that Textile Artist is offering a chance to win the book – How generous!! I love all of the books by Cas and would love to own Stitch Stories for my studio library.

  80. Val Summers says:

    Stitching is such a wonderful medium for women to tell their stories and pass their histories (Her-stories) along to their children and grandchildren. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long while, but haven’t known how to get started. I look forward to reading Cas’s book.

  81. I own her other two books. From this review, I am sure that I will own her third. There is always a vast amount of inspiration from the photos and the text/techniques in her books. I also like it when there are page views on Amazon as reading a bit of the content, seeing the layout and photos helps me to determine if the book will be on my wish list.

    Can’t wait to see this book in person.

  82. Cas Holmes says:

    Thankyou for reaching into the core of the book Sue and such an insightful review. I am thrilled with the support and networking textile artist gives to makers and creators. Cas

  83. Wendy Watson says:

    I’m so tempted by the review that I’d love to read the whole book right now. I’ve always loved maps and mapping through images and stitching is a developing love so this latest book of Cas Holmes sounds perfect.

  84. I’m so excited about this book and reading this review is fuel for the fire! I’ve loved Holmes previous book The Found Object in Textile Art with inspiring projects and ideas to push my work further, so I have high hopes for this book. I’m excited to see what new work comes out of it for me!

  85. Kathy Henderson says:

    I’ve long been a fan of the work of Cas Holmes. She is a very creative artist.

  86. Ann Swanwick says:

    This sounds like a great book, full of inspiration. I love Cas Holmes work, and this book is already on my wish list!
    Other books that inspire me include anything by Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn.

  87. Sherry Leary says:

    I call myself a painter, but again and again I am drawn to stitch and textile. This review is all I need to explore this wonderful artist’s work. For me the mark making and social aspects are very important.
    My favorite book to date (though older) is “Choosing Craft”. Thank-you for a great review!

  88. I’m a long-time fan of Cas Holmes’ work; thanks for the review of her new book!
    My favourite textile book of the moment is Gwen Hedley’s ‘Drawn to Stitch’. She also uses sketches and drawings to inform her stitches.

  89. Lynda says:

    Wow! Looks like an awesome book to add to my library.

  90. Judy says:

    Thank you for this review. It gives me a good grasp of the book and makes me interested in reading it.

  91. Great review of what is obviously a great resource for all textile artists who have stories to share… textile art books which help to give voice to your won story are the best! One of my favourites for doing this is Kim Thittichai’s Experimental Textiles. Congratulations Cas for this publication which will not doubt become a favourite for many artists and to Sue for her review.

  92. Susi says:

    I was just looking at this book the other day and here it is again….must mean I need it, right?

  93. Shelley Mac says:

    It’s really hard trying to think of one book! I love reading craft/Art books and I love learning, but I also love books that inspire me, so here are mine. “Stitch And Structure” by Jean Draper, “1000 Artisan Textiles” by Sandra Salamony & Gina M Brown, “Woolly Embroidery” by Kyuuto japanese Crafts.
    Cas Holmes new book sounds interesting, as I do struggle with thinking about what to put in my sketch book a lot of the time, so it would be useful to hear how other people do it.
    I also have the book mentioned above 500 felt objects, that is also a nice book to inspire.

  94. Jan B Gavin says:

    Big fan of your other books and Batsford publishing as well.

  95. Christine Watson says:

    All stories are idea linked Ina variety of ways – words, glue, paint, love….But first, you must start with a dream.

  96. Thanks for the review of tis very interesting book, I am particularly interested in the chapter on the use of natural materials

  97. Thank you for the review of this interesting book. I am particularly interested in the chapter on the use of natural materials.

  98. Danielle Campbell says:

    Thanks for the review, I would love to read this book to go along with “The Found Object in Textile Arts” by Cas Holmes which is my current favourite.

  99. Maria thomas says:

    What a beautiful and inspiring slice of a very thought provoking artist’s work. My all time book, so hard to choose one but probably where it all began with ‘Mary Thomas’s dictionary of Embroidery Stitches’

  100. Stacey Brunet says:

    I have been inspired by Moy Mackay’s “Art in Felt & Stitch” as well as “Free-Form Embroidery” with Judith Baker Montano. After reading this lovely review, I am looking forward to reading “Stitch Stories” by Cas Holmes.

  101. Helen Frost says:

    The ethos behind this book is so me! I rarely go for a walk without returning with “stuff” in my pocket that inspires me in some way. I love to use mixed media in both art and textile and work with nature as a sourcebook and natural media wherever possible. Cas really was the starting point for my journey with art and design and your review encourages all to get the book and try adopting her approach to their work.

  102. I have one of her books and enjoy it a lot. I would like to expand my knowledge with this book.

  103. Carol Cooke says:

    Everyone has a story and by telling it in such a wonderful medium of thread and fabric it has a greater connection with the viewer. Such an interesting way to tell stories that surround us – in a much more creative way.

  104. Mary Monckton says:

    Your books are an inspiration Cas Holmes. I am so looking forward to Stitch Stories when my library order comes in. I like books which show the journey of the artist and her/his development through their medium. And of course lots of photos of how they create and display. Some of my favourite books besides yours are India Flint, Sandra Meech and Bobby Britnell. And these are just the textile artists – then there are the paper artists, the mixed media artists…….

  105. Susana Bee says:

    How encouraging to see such an accomplished artist as Cas Holmes encouraging us all to reuse and recycle textiles in our art. Her book sounds ideal for inspiration and accomplishments.Congratulations on a great review.

  106. Teri says:

    Noel Bennett’s books about Navajo Weaving have left an impression on me. I love working with textiles.

  107. I have just read your excellent review of Cas Holmes book Stitch Stories, you fired my interest so much that I Googled it and looked at Cas’s website. I was fascinated by wabi-sabi and inspired by her commissions. A great book. A first for my Christmas list!
    Thanks Sam.

  108. Vivien says:

    This is exciting news. A workshop with Cas a couple of years ago completely changed the way I conceived a new piece of work and got me out of a creative trough (don’t we all get these occasionally?) So I can’t wait to be re-inspired by her new book!

  109. Kate says:

    What a great review for this book, thank you, I’ve been eyeing a copy for ages on Amazon… I absolutely love Wendy Dolan’s new book Layer, Paint & Stitch, and am looking forward to From Art to Stitch by Janet Edmonds – this Textile Artist series of books is just fab.

  110. Elly says:

    Excellent review, seems as though this will be another ‘must have’ book.

  111. Every book that Cas Holmes has published I have found to be truly inspirational. I don’t often want to be a “wanna be” but Cas Holmes’ work (along with Ann Kelley’s in the Collaborative book) illustrates so often what I need to see and read. I’ve recommended her books to countless friends and fiber artists as a new way to look at textiles, recording what and how we see the world, and then how we interpret it onto fabric.

  112. Miriam says:

    Wow, love this book. The review is really comprehensive, provoking true interest. I would love to own this book. I am changing direction , working towards a confidence in what I create. I am trying to intelligently move beyond the uncertainty of overload and to be able to organise images and impressions into useful journaling that I can concrete into strong stitched works. Evolving is essentialt to me. Cass Holmes must be trully inspired, is obviouslyy true to her foundations yet expansive in technique and methods.
    I really want to learn from her.
    My favourite book is ‘Embellishment, New Vintage’ by Karen Nichol. My appreciation for her techniques is intense. She can see beyond the past and remake for the ‘now’, amazing artist.

  113. Sarah Rockliff says:

    My eye was caught by the picture of Edith Cavell, I lived in the village she grew up in, even the cover of this book tells a story. I continued to scroll down reading the most tantalising review. Each chapter synopsis is an invitation to delve into a wealth of experience,ideas, techniques and inspiration. A menu of delight , a delicious taster of the treats that must lie inside ‘StitchedStories’. I would love to be able to follow Cas Holmes’ lead into this world of stitching narratives.
    The book that saved me from giving up when I felt overwhelmed at the beginning was Pam Watts Beginners Guide to Machine Embroidery. Pam Watts managed to make it seem possible by breaking down into manageable step by step instructions the basic techniques for producing attractive pieces.  For the confidence building and reassurance this book offered I am very grateful.

  114. Sue, your review really made me want to buy this book. I could use some help in developing my sketchbooks for textiles. It’s easy to lose your way, so guidance with finding the way back would be most welcome

  115. Cas Holmes says:

    Breaking news. Stitch Stories is already being reprinted.

  116. I ordered my copy today. Yay!

  117. Cas holmes says:

    ‘Stitch Stories went into third print and came out Mid December for those who asked about availability. Thankyou Cas

  118. I have this book and love it,

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