Featured textile artist Sue Stone

Featured textile artist Sue Stone

Sue Stone is a member of the 62 group of Textile Artists and the Society of Designer Craftsmen. She studied Fashion at St Martins School of Art and Embroidery at Goldsmiths College and exhibits both nationally and internationally.

At first glance her work appears homely and domestic, look closer and it challenges both identity and preconception. Using hand and machine stitch as a means of mark making, she combines the real, the imagined, the remembered, and sometimes the nonsensical. The result is usually figurative and narrative, slightly surreal, and built up in layers; of time, of thought, of fabric, and of stitch.Her inspiration is drawn from subjects both past and present, all with some connection to her own life and environment.

Further information

Sue Stone’s work can be seen in Designer Crafts at the Mall 2013 and the Shop within the Show, the annual exhibition of the Society of Designer Craftsmen at the Mall Galleries, London SW1 from Friday 11th to Sunday 20th January 2013 further information at: www.societyofdesignercraftsmen.org.uk

Sue Stone’s work is featured in the following textile art books:
Machine Stitch: Perspectives by Alice Kettle and Jane McKeating, published by A & C Black

Radical Thread: 1962-2012. The 62 Group of Textile Artists Celebrates 50 Years edited by Lesley Millar celebrating 50 years of the 62 group of Textile Artists available from: www.62group.org.uk

Textiles: The Art of Mankind by Mary Schoeser published by Thames & Hudson
ISBN-10: 0500516456 | ISBN-13: 978-0500516454

For more Sue Stone resources please visit:

Blog: Woman with a fish
Facebook: Woman with a fish Page
Pinterest: Sue Stone’s Board
LinkedIn: Sue Stone’s Profile

Sue Stone is available for talks and workshops.

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11 comments on “Featured textile artist Sue Stone”

  1. I was very impressed with your web site and it has prompted me to write to you. I have been working in textiles since I was 5 years old. On Sunday the 6th of July I will turn 76. Your mom’s teacher, Constance Howard, was one of my favorite artists and a wonderful friend. In the early seventies, I was setting up a textile program at a Catholic college in Buffalo, NY and used one of her books as the textbook. I wrote to the editor and Constance responded: “I will be teaching at Sheridan School of Design outside Toronto. I end on Friday and you can pick me up and I will stay a week with you.” We became best friends.

    At the time, I had a show of my students textiles at the college gallery. Constance spent quite some time viewing their work in the gallery and then came into my office and said, “Jack, the work is wonderful and I do not see you in any of their work.” I thought that was the nicest thing she could say to me as I worked very hard to have students express their own visions, not mine. She accepted two of my students into the textile program at her school and both graduated from Goldsmith. Constance and I stayed in touch until she died.

    In 1976, I moved my family to Dallas in 1976 to served as Art Supervisor for 350 Art Teachers K-12 in DISD. I returned to the classroom in 1993, taught for 10 years, and retired as Irving HS Teacher of the Year (2002) and Texas Teacher of the Year. I also received the Robert Raushenberg Award, along with 30 other American art teachers. Although I proposed to retire that year, my principal asked that I train someone to teach my textile classes. So I went part time until another teacher could take over my classes.

    For the last 11 years, I have devoted my energies to my art, wife and five grandchildren. I have devoted my thoughts and energies to my own work and exhibited, curated shows, and taught many workshops. I had a web site up for some time; but since maintaining it is not my forte, it has lapse. However, you can access some of my work by googling my name.

    I am working on a new web site and came across your information. I would love to talk with you. I have been closely involved with many significant textile artists in the US and abroad; and I would love to tell you more about myself and share my information. You cannot imagine how viable the textile arts are in this country. I have worked with a group of men quilters (We held an exhibit of our work in Texas a year or so ago) and with an extraordinary quilter/collector in Orchard Park NY.

    Would you like to connect?

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