3D Mixed Media Textile Art: Our new book and a some exciting TextileArtist.org reader bonuses

Since Joe and I began our quest to champion the best in contemporary textile and fiber art around two years ago, we’ve both dreamt of creating a series of books that showcase this work. Today we’re thrilled to announce our first book, 3D Mixed Media Textile Art. We wanted to let you, our readers, be the first to know and offer some great bonuses as a thank you for all of your support.

As many of you are already aware, it was the work of our hugely talented mother, Sue Stone, that inspired us to start TextileArtist.org – so we really need to say ‘Thanks Mum!’ We’d also like to express our gratitude to all the other artists we’ve interviewed or featured on the site, as well as every single one of our readers, newsletter subscribers and followers on social media – without your continued passion and enthusiasm there would be no reason for TextileArtist.org.

3D Mixed Media Textile Art - a new eBook by TextileArtist.orgThe book

3D Mixed Media Textile Art is the result of the last six months of work. At over over 300 pages, it explores the fascinating and diverse world of mixed media sculpture through the eyes of 50 practitioners working in this field. Each chapter tells the story of a different artist; their creative journey, what inspires them and the processes they use. Visually stunning, high quality and sumptuously inspiring images of their work illustrate their techniques and individual style. If you haven’t done already, watch our book trailer above for a sneak preview and more information.

Our offer to you

We want this book to be a success and to reach as wide an audience as possible, helping us to continue to promote great art in this often underestimated discipline as well as allowing us to work on more books exploring other areas within the realms of textile and fiber art. That’s why we’re asking for your help to achieve these goals. And to make it worthwhile here’s the offer:

If you pre-order the book before 14th April, you’ll receive:

* 3 x exclusive video files of artist interviews containing information that doesn’t feature in the book plus accompanying transcripts for each video in PDF, Kindle and iPad formats

* 1 x invite to a live interactive online Q&A session with the artists in the book – this offer is limited to the first 200 buyers as this is the maximum number of participants allowed

Click here to pr-order at Amazon for Kindle

Click here to pre-order at iBooks for iPad
Click here to pre-order a PDF version (for use across all platforms)

Then email your receipt to hello@textileartist.org with “Preorder” in the subject.

If you’re thinking of ordering 3D Mixed Media Textile Art we’d urge you to purchase the preorder so you can take advantage of these time limited bonuses, which will no longer be available when the book launches.

Pre-order the book here:
Amazon for Kindle
iBooks for iPad
PDF version (for use across all platforms)

Monday 25th, May 2020 / 11:16

About the author

Sam is the co-founder of TextileArtist.org and son of textile artist Sue Stone. Connect with Sam on Google+c/a>

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17 comments on “3D Mixed Media Textile Art: Our new book and a some exciting TextileArtist.org reader bonuses”

  1. Looks great, well done!

  2. anne andrews says:

    so…will it the 3D Mixed Media Textile Art be issued as a book?

    • Sam Sam says:

      Hi Anne, we don’t have any plans at the moment of producing a printed version of the book. However this may change in the future depending on the popularity of the ebook.

  3. mariel says:

    great idea!!! cant wait to see it!

    • Sam Sam says:

      Thanks Mariel! The release date will be 14th April, although you’d need to pre-order before to take advantage of the extra bonuses.

  4. PLEASE print the book, it is never the same on a screen!

    • Sam Sam says:

      Hi Elisabeth, the main issue with a print version are the production costs – If there are enough people who want one then we may do it in the future. There are also some major advantages to a digital version which mean we can have as many pages as we want at no extra production cost, plus the viewer can alter the text size to suit them and you can zoom into images to check details.

  5. Alison says:

    Do you have any other payment means for this digital book, I am not comfortable putting credit cards details into a site of unknown (to me anyway) security? What about paypal or other secure payment option,

  6. Kerrie argent says:

    I only want it in printed book form, please…..

  7. Cathy Bertanzetti says:

    Hi, I tried to pre-order the book tonight and received a message saying it was no longer available, only after I submitted payment. I am a little concerned .

  8. This looks like it would make a great book but I was very disappointed to see that it’s only an e-book. Using a mock-up of a hard back in the graphics is misleading.

    If you’ve got a decent pdf then why not mount it on a print on demand platform like Lulu or Blurb? – minimal production cost for you and a proper book for those who want it. You can sell electronic and print versions that way and could even do a print and e-book bundle for those who want a proper book /and/ the ability to zoom the images.

    • Joe Joe says:

      Hi Madeleine – certainly not our intention to mislead in any way. We are considering printing the book in the future – we just need to weigh up the best options for doing this. Thanks for the feedback. Joe

  9. Delia Cecil says:

    I would love to buy this book, but just that a book, not kindle, or e book, seems to me most people would like to purchase just a book.

  10. Leisa Rich says:

    Thank you so much for including my art in this wonderful book! I am savoring every page. I downloaded it to my iPad so I can look at it in bed each night and read about the wonderful artists included in it. However, I am with those who are commenting about getting a hard copy- I would like that, too! I have been getting rid of other books in this eBook culture we live in….but somehow, with art, an e-version just isn’t the same. I have kept all of my most treasured art books in hard copy and would love to add this one to that collection!

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