10 mixed media textile artists

10 mixed media textile artists

Mixed media textile artists

Mixed media textile art is one of the most exciting and experimental areas within the textile and fiber art world. What makes it such a compelling and appealing medium for these innovative artists is its combinatory nature, meaning that it can be made of anything. This diverse variety often blurs the lines between numerous disciplines and materials.

In this article we take a look at the work of 10 such mixed media textile artists.

June Lee

Mixed media textile artists – June Lee – ‘Bystander’ 2011

June Lee – ‘Bystander’ 2011

Korean artist June Lee’s haunting mixed media installations deal with uncompromising subjects such as isolation and alienation. Her brightly coloured sculptures are created by wrapping plaster casts in thread and fabric. These unique patterns and colours represent individuality and estrangement from society. Through her work June explores the phenomena of the Bystander effect, in which individuals do not offer help to a victim when in the presence of others.

For more information please visit: www.junelee.kr

Jan Miller

Mixed media textile artists – Jan Miller – ‘Map notes: fold/open’ (detail)

Jan Miller – ‘Map notes: fold/open’ (detail)

A collector by nature, Jan Miller investigates the old to create the new. Based in Norwich her work is rooted in the culture of repair and recycle using photographs, textiles, ephemera and other objects infused with inherent connections, experiences and memories. Jan’s background in science and family history of home dressmaking informs and enriches her artwork. To construct this ‘patched work’ Jan uses natural dyes, inks and powders to accentuate the manipulation, folding, creases and incisions she has made.

For more information please visit: www.textilestudygroup.co.uk/members/jan-miller

Shannon Weber

Mixed media textile art by Shannon Weber

Mixed media textile art by Shannon Weber

Shannon Weber’s avant-garde woven objects and mixed media sculptures combine stitching, weaving, wax, hand painted acrylic layers and cold connections. She sources obscure materials such as sea kelp, burnt wood, rocks, and even vintage board game pieces for use in her art. Shannon is currently involved in a project called ‘Peace by Piece’ which focuses on the creation of art using the debris collected from a town battered by Hurricane Sandy.

For more information please visit: www.shannonweber.com

Deidre Adams

Mixed media textile artists – Deidre Adams – Tracings No. X, Tracing series

Deidre Adams – Tracings No. X, Tracing series

Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, mixed media textile artist Deidre Adams now works and lives in Colorado. She is inspired by the quiet beauty and the light and colour of the southwestern landscape as well as by its beautiful yet unforgiving environment. Deidre’s work focuses on the study of shape, colour, texture and mark-making.

For more information please visit: www.deidreadams.com

Ann Goddard

Mixed media textile artists – Ann Goddard – ‘Consequences’ (detail), Felted cotton fibres, concrete; variable installation comprising 300 units

Ann Goddard – ‘Consequences’ (detail), Felted cotton fibres, concrete; variable installation comprising 300 units

Chester artist Ann Goddard’s exquisite art combines the Fine Art and Fine Craft disciplines of sculpture and textiles. Often working with opposing materials, Ann juxtaposes textile elements such as felted fibres, fabric and stitch with harder components like concrete, wood, metal or natural materials. Subjects explored within her work reference the boundaries between genres, between art and craft, between men and women’s work, and those in the landscape. She creates mixed media constructions, assemblages and small installations.

Read our interview with Ann: Textile artist inspired by nature.
Our featured artist article on Ann: Featured artist Ann Goddard – Crafting & conceptualising.
For more information please visit: www.62group.org.uk/artist/ann-goddard/

Gizelle Warbuton

Mixed media textile artists – Gizelle Warbuton – ‘Ritual form iii’, textile, mixed media, stitch, weathered slate, 30 x 30 x 23cm high

Gizelle Warbuton – ‘Ritual form iii’, textile, mixed media, stitch, weathered slate, 30 x 30 x 23cm high

Describing her work as ‘faded, frayed… pieced and layered’, Gizelle Warbuton’s abstract compositions has its origins in stitched cloths. Her fragile yet bold aesthetic is created through the use of collage or assemblage with cloth, paper, thread, wood and paint. Gizelle finds pleasure in the tactile and contemplative process of drawing with paper cloth and thread. Her work often leads to different outcomes whether it be framed, hanging or sculptural artworks or installations.

For more information please visit: www.gizellakwarburton.co.uk

Sumi Perera

Mixed media textile artists – Sumi Perera – ‘Displace’, Collage, Size: 27.6 H x 19.7 W x 2 in

Sumi Perera – ‘Displace’, Collage, Size: 27.6 H x 19.7 W x 2 in

Born in Sri Lanka and now living in the UK, Sumi Perrera has led a varied working life in both the East and West as a doctor, scientist and now as an artist. Making use of both traditional and digital printmaking processes Sumi’s art often manifests itself in the form of an artist book. She combines stitch, hand and laser cut techniques with materials such as paper, fabric, leather, glass, ceramic, metal and wood. Her work is held public collections worldwide including Tate Britain, Victoria & Albert Museum & Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. Sumi’s work ‘Clothes Encounters’ is the featured image at the beginning of the article.
Read our interview with Sumi: Sumi Perera interview: The importance of process

For more information please visit: www.saatchiart.com/sumiperera

Rebecca R. Medel

Mixed media textile artists – Rebecca R. Medel – ‘Pleiades Star Field’, embroidered silk floss French knots and glass beads on digitally printed cotton, 19 x 19 inches

Rebecca R. Medel – ‘Pleiades Star Field’, embroidered silk floss French knots and glass beads on digitally printed cotton, 19 x 19 inches

Working from her studio in Tucson, Arizona, Rebecca Medel has developed a personal off-loom technique to create her celestial works. Themes in Rebecca’s work include the exploration of light through the grid structure, the cosmos, spirals and mazes. Since 2005 her work has moved in a new direction using digital prints on cotton or organza, embroidered with silk floss and/or glass beads. From 1980-2005 Rebecca employed the ancient technique of knotted netting with resist dyed linen or cotton threads.

For more information please visit: Rebecca R. Medel’s website

Michelle Stephens

Mixed media textile artists – Michelle Stephens – Close up of ‘Plain Weave’

Michelle Stephens – Close up of ‘Plain Weave’

Questioning the boundaries of Fine and Applied Arts, Michelle Stephens challenges conventions with her installations, wall mounted works and small scale sculptural objects. The exploration of line and structure is central to this, using it to develop new perspectives and abstracted weave techniques. Michelle’s geometric yet organic work incorporates computer laser cutting, paint, textiles, wood and metal.

Read our interview with Michelle: Michelle Stephens Interview: Craft and technology
For more information please visit: www.michellestephens.co.uk

Michael Brennan-Wood

Mixed media textile artists – Michael Brennan-Wood – ‘Died Pretty- A Flag 0f Convenience’ 113 x 166 x 10 cm, 2005. National Gallery of Australia.

Michael Brennan-Wood – ‘Died Pretty- A Flag 0f Convenience’ 113 x 166 x 10 cm, 2005. National Gallery of Australia.

Exploring and inventing is at the heart of Michael Brennan-Wood’s practice. Most recently working with the traditions of floral imagery, Michael works with computerised machine embroidery, acrylic paint, wood, glass and collage. His dedication to working in contested areas of textiles has seen him focus on embroidery, pattern, lace and floral imagery. He is internationally recognised for his work as a visual artist, curator, lecturer and arts consultant.

For more information please visit: www.brennand-wood.com

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6 comments on “10 mixed media textile artists”

  1. Zoe says:

    Interested in what you doing.

  2. Gail Mercer says:

    I have just discovered your group. i am very excited by what I see. I am currently working on a project called HOME and am experimenting with fabric to age it in various ways. Have briefly tried rusting fabric which worked well but am keen to learn and try more, can you advise me where I could l learn more and if you have any suggestions?

    Regards Gail Mercer BA Hons Fine Art

  3. Julie Blake says:

    Years ago I used potassium permanganate to age lace and fabric, a little frightening at first, the solution is bright purple but once the fabric oxidises it give a soft natural feel unlike rust or tea.
    It’s permanent and needs no fixing.
    Worth a go?

    • Mary Raphaely says:

      I’ve also used potassium permanganate, and then lemon juice to draw on the resulting fabrics. I also experimented with getting different shades by varying the time/chemical used.
      I’ve had a test piece in the window for more than one year, and it seems to be completely light fast,

  4. Janice says:

    Every Monday I look forward to your email. I especially enjoy it when you have multiple artists and their website.This one with ten or more artists featured was delightful due to the wide variety. BRAVO !! And thank you !

  5. Barbara Bexley says:

    I agree with Janice. It is interesting to have a selection of artists to investigate and look at in more detail if they strike a chord. I also found the extended list useful. Yes, I like this format on an occasional basis interspersed with your in-depth interviews. It broadens your range of interesting offering. Thanks.

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