The art of felting: 5 amazing artists using felt

The art of felting: 5 amazing artists using felt
Featured image: Red Planet by Janice Arnold (Photo: Bob Iyall)

Felt is one of the most versatile textiles. Many artists are attracted to this soft material because of its impact on the senses. It is malleable, durable and can transform and be manipulated into all sorts of shapes. The art of felting has had somewhat of a resurgence over the past few years.

So what is it about this simple cloth that gets makers so excited? In this article, part of our Discover… series, we introduce you to 5 top artists practicing in this field.

Andrea Graham

Felt art by Andrea Graham

Andrea Graham

Andrea is a multi media artist based in rural Ontario, Canada who exhibits, teaches and lectures globally. Her innovative use of both traditional nomadic and modern feltmaking techniques, together with the skill which she applies these, has been widely celebrated. Andrea uses ancient techniques in contemporary work by combining handmade felt and unusual materials to produce organic three dimensional felt artwork and installations. She says:

“The use of wool and the alchemy of feltmaking in the execution of my art allow me to use sustainable material which is both consistent with my message and the organic nature of my work”.

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Jo Neil

Felt art by Jo Neil

Jo Neil

Jo Neil is a felt maker based in North West England. She has a back ground in fine art painting, specialising in charcoal, graphite, inks and oil paints. She takes her inspiration from everyday ‘mundane’ objects with an interest in our relationship to them, how we use and view them. ‘Felt like it’ was started up in 2008 as a label for Jo’s original designs that use feltmaking, stitch and fine art technique. She has over 17 years experience as a practictioner and tutor and frequently runs courses and workshops for all ages and abilities.

Moira West

Felt art by Moira West

Moira West

Fibre artist Moira West has a reputation for creating striking, fascinating and unusual fibre art. Combining textile technique with a diverse range of challenging materials, her work is inspired by nature and a desire to push boundaries whilst creating an impact to promote greater understanding of human frailty. Her working methods include hand-made felting processes incorporating traditional and contemporary techniques. Wool fibres predominate, integrated with plant and cellulose fibres, to create unusual shapes and textures. Her work invites interaction and personal confrontation with life and its unexpected pathways.

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Gladys Paulus

Felt art by Gladys Paulus

Gladys Paulus

Born into a Dutch-Indonesian family and raised in the Netherlands, Gladys studied fine art at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht before moving to the UK in 1995. She now lives and works in Somerset, England. Her relationship with felt goes back ten years when she fell in love with the material and the versatility it can offer the artist. Gladys exhibits in galleries, has pieces in private collections and has adapted her mask work for theatrical and television performances. She is enthusiastic about working with students and has a masterclass workshop which she tours internationally.

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Jenny Pepper:

Felt art by Jenny Pepper

Jenny Pepper

Jenny is a passionate felt maker from Yorkshire. Growing up she was surrounded by creative activities and she continues to explore new techniques. Twenty year ago her life changed when she was introduced to felt making as a technique by Sheila Smith. She endeavours to create well made felt work that will stand the test of time. Jenny draws her inspiration from the coastlines and moors of North Yorkshire and has a particular interest in formations and objects found there.

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Do you share their passion for felt? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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15 comments on “The art of felting: 5 amazing artists using felt”

  1. Emma Bevan says:

    I admire these artists so much! Some I have followed on my own journey..
    I began making felt whilst having cancer treatments, it became a sanctuary, a release, and then a whole new way of life, as I recovered and began teaching and exhibiting! Felt making is an amazing experience, and connects us to creative and healing processes too.

    • Daniel says:

      Hi Emma, Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us. How brilliant you found a connection with felt and these artists inspire you to create, exhibit and teach! Appreciate you getting in touch.

  2. A good diverse collection,inspirational artists.I bet it was tricky to choose,my list would probably include Judit Pocs,unmistakable work.Love your site. How do I submit something? My Facebook page is Laura Courtenay Feltmaker.Best wishes.

  3. Pippa Coombs says:

    Great to see the work of these felt artists a medium which I feel often takes second place to other textiles.I was lucky enough to my City and Guilds in felting about 2 years ago and have been learning ever since doing online courses with Fiona Duthie which were excellent and workshops with Several international tutors including Jenny Pepper.They were all inspirational and most generous with there time and ideas.Many thanks for all your articles keep up,the good work

  4. Thank you for this article! It’s so inspiring to see felt used in such unique ways. I’m a nuno felter with a fashion line and I’ve been feeling a pull towards millenary. So it was really fun to see these different points of view and the diversity in the felting world.

  5. I discovered felt through knitting. My introduction to felt making was the fulling process. Knitting a handbag, going through the design process of trying to calculate shrinkage, how colors and textured yarns would full, but in the end, letting it all go in the wash to wait and see what magic or potential who knew what would come out of the washer. When I discovered felting, the making of my own felt fabric, it was like an explosion of energy in my head. I have neurological disorders that prevent me from doing the complete process of Nuno felting and wet felting.However, with using a electric sander, a needle felting machine and the AddiQuick, I am able to create the small sheets of layered felt that have depth of color to create and sculpt flowers that embellish my filled bags. Wool is magic.

  6. Hello , so helpful emails that you send , I how do I send in my own textile art information ? — just a beginner in techie things ! Need some help , many thanks , Christine heath

  7. Thelma Russell says:

    Nice to see felt given some prominence – it’s such a fantastically versatile medium.
    It’s not an exaggeration to say it’s changed my life . . .
    Check out for a new book about to be published which showcases 500 felt artists from around the world.

  8. Laura Burch says:

    I enjoyed this article; I love seeing everything that can be made with wool! I started working with wool about 10 years ago, making my girls needle felted dolls, puppets and costume accessories. I continue to needle felt but my projects have evolved into pieces for adults!

  9. Mie Lauwers says:

    Being a dedicatet Felter myself I was happy to find and read this artical.
    (And sorry dit my bad English 😊 )
    Mie Lauwers

  10. Christina says:

    Love your blog!
    I couldn’t find an attribution for the stunning felt and red velvet? image you used at the top of the article. Can you tell me who made it?

  11. Fantastic to see a feature on feltmaking. I learnt my felting skills over 20 years ago when I did an artist in residence at an academy in Finland – I now teach felting & exhibit my work full time across the UK. Thanks for the spotlight on this ancient, archaic yet ultra modern medium!

  12. Kate Godfrey says:

    Thank you, for introducing me to the work of Gladys Paulus.

    Her ability to manipulate fiber into animal and vessel forms is fascinating. It is a thrill to find an artist deep in conversation with her medium. I am inspired by both the work and her explanation of the Hinterland Project in the video on Patreon here:

  13. Thank you for your article I admire all these artist and love felt as a sculpture medium I created large sculpture vessels , exhibiting and teaching internationally so lovely to highlight felt

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