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Karen Broude interview: Motivated by intuition

Karen Broude interview: Motivated by intuition

Karen Broude is a licentiate member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen. She is studying for a BA in Creative Textiles from the Open College of the Arts and has a higher diploma in Stitched Textiles from East Berkshire College.

We recently saw Karen’s work at the Mall Galleries in London and were impressed with its vibrancy and impact. Here she tells us where her determination and passion for the craft of textile art stems from.

Karen Broude

Textile artist – Karen Broude

Appealing to the senses

TextileArtist.org: What is your approach to your work as a textile artist?

Karen Broude: In my early thirties I dealt with a life threatening illness and from this stems my renewed enthusiasm and a positive attitude for life.

My approach therefore is one that appeals to the senses rather than theoretical issues. I am motivated by intuition and spontaneous reaction to visual, tactile and rhythmic forces. I love to find exciting shapes and colour that stimulate my senses.

My work is about life, in its most positive and joyous form. It is abstract and expressive.

Karen Broude

Textile artist – Karen Broude

What kind of techniques do you use?

I have always worked best with abstract and colourful design. I love working with texture and the “building up” of layers.

This is evident both in my earlier work that involved the use of chiffons manipulated and stitched and then textured using a soldering iron, (examples can be found under Synagogue Projects on the website) as well as my more recent private commissions.

Karen Broude

Textile artist – Karen Broude

Passionate about colour

Tell us a bit about your recent work

My latest body of work began by taking a series of photographs and then, by using the computer programme Adobe Photoshop.
I manipulated images in varying ways to make the end result vibrant and exciting for the viewer.

From these images I then print and paint onto various mediums (paper/cloth) and use stitch to accentuate the patterning, to add texture and interest. Working in layers, I gradually build up both colour and pattern, using torn fabric appliques and stitching details to create depth. I then use paint and dyes to provide a further level of interest and to add texture to the piece.

Karen Broude

Textile artist – Karen Broude

How do you approach your work?

Although I use traditional textile methods, I prefer to work in an experimental way. I am passionate about colour and love the freedom of mixing colour and creating different shades and the uniqueness this gives.

Karen Broude

Textile artist – Karen Broude

Stitched, layered, painted and textured

What are your goals when working?

My production aims would be to translate my designs so that they could be used for wall art or translated into household items such as soft furnishings. The flexibility of this design process allows for a variety of colour, size etc to be specific to a client’s wishes as appropriate.

Karen Broude

Textile artist – Karen Broude

Who is your primary audience?

I have had many commissions to make wall art for private clients. I have developed projects ranging in size from small wall hangings to large-scale fabric collages, stitched, layered, painted and textured. I have also designed and produced religious artefacts for synagogues.

For more information please visit: www.karenbroude.moonfruit.com

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