Best of Top 10 articles of all time

Best of Top 10 articles of all time

Welcome to another edition of our Best of series, in which we take a retrospective look at some of our most successful and inspirational content.

Every year strives to bring you stimulating interviews and articles. Our aim is to inspire you on your textile journey, or keep you on track in this unique and fascinating world. We understand working at home or in a studio can sometimes be isolating and frustrating. It’s at times like these we hope to bring you content that resonants and inspires your creativity. We also aim to cater for the art enthusiast who wishes to learn about top textile artists and what influences them. Here are our top 10 articles that attempt to fulfil this need.

10 Contemporary Embroidery Artists


This article was published in June 2014 and to date has been viewed by almost 45,000 people. It sets out to dispel myths that surround embroidery as as technique, it being either twee or conservative. A new generation of textile and mixed media artists, of all ages, are using both machine and hand stitch to challenge these preconceptions.

Here we introduce you to 10 contemporary embroidery artists who combine traditional techniques with new mediums and methods to create fresh and original artwork. The comments left for us speak for themselves:

“Very beautiful all of them….they give me new inspirations!” – Heru Notodirjo

“Inspiring work. Full of ideas to take you new areas of creativity.” – Joanne Agioritis

Read the full article here

Textile artists inspired by nature

Creating something beautiful from seemingly mundane or unremarkable aspects of life was the subject we wished to explore in this piece. It’s not unusual to explore nature in art, yet our fascination with seas, wildlife, forests and the sky continues to inspire, surprise and delight.

In this article we talk to 5 artists who take their inspiration from the natural world and discover why for them it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Over 30,000 of you have read about them so far and enjoyed looking at the remarkable images that accompany this piece.

Read the full article here

Print textile artists


Whether an artist is pushing the envelope of methods and techniques used, or creating stunning images by employing conventional ways of making, we love talking to them and sharing their thoughts with you. Here we discuss the pleasures of print textile art with 10 wonderfully different practitioners in this field.

Read the full article here

5 contemporary felt artists

Felt Featured

Over 25,000 clicked on this piece from January 2014. The art of felting is growing in popularity and we wanted to explore this medium and find out just how exciting artwork primarily made from felt can be.

Here we introduce you to 5 contemporary felt textile artists and bring you images of their work that has to be seen to be believed. A majority of you wanted to add many more names to the list, which just goes to prove how exciting and seductive this field of textile art has become:

“All this stuff in felt is mind-blowingly brilliant!” – Cas Holmes

Read the full article here

5 sculpture artists using textile techniques


From rope sculptor Judy Tadman, who creates large-scale abstract works by using crocheting techniques, to Parisian sculptor Karine Jollet, who’s art is made from fabrics recycled from old bed sheets and shirts to create startlingly accurate depictions of the body, our appitite for mixed media sculpture is huge. It allows a broad array of issues to be discussed and here we take a look at 5 brilliant artists and their artwork that has the ‘wow’ factor.

Read the full article here

Floral textile artists


It’s back to nature with this piece from October 2013 where we take a look at floral art work and ask why the simple flower has longevity as a popular design choice. We discover that despite it’s long standing usage there’s no shortage of innovative ways for artists to explore this imagery. Here 5 top artists in this field highlight new and fascinating methods of bringing such a storied motif to life.

“Nice to see a gathering of artists with a common theme. Please do more.”­ – Ann Roth

Read the full article here

Textile artists using recycled materials


One man’s trash is another man’s, or woman’s, treasure; as is the case with these 6 diverse textile artists doing incredible things with recycled materials. Paper, clothing, old photos pretty much anything domestic or industrial is up for grabs and heavenly material for these featured artists to make their astonishing work. Breathing new life into stuff that has already told a story in a previous existence.

Read the full article here

6 abstract textile artists


We wanted to celebrate the work of some extraordinary artists working in the world of abstraction and so we published this article in 2014. Focusing on 6 abstract textile artists we look at their preferred processes and techniques and select some tantalising images of their bold and unique designs. Well worth a read if you fancy dipping your toe into a less literal world.

Read the full article here

Landscape textile art


Landscapes have long been a source of inspiration for artists, but within the realm of textiles they take on a whole new life. The use of fiber, stitch, print and mixed media techniques opens up a range of possibilities for interpreting texture, light, colour and form. In this article we feature 8 contemporary textile artists capturing landscapes in ever-more inventive ways.

Read the full article here

10 mixed media textile artists


Both exciting and experimental, mixed media textile art is a fast growing form of expression for textile artists wishing to blur the lines between disciplines and techniques. In this article we look at 10 artists from around the world who have taken this technique to a new level. The photos which accompany the piece prove how liberating it can be.

Read the full article here

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2 comments on “Best of Top 10 articles of all time”

  1. Susy Navon says:

    Thank you very much for the support you give to artists!
    Susy Navon

  2. TEMA says:

    Your work is amazing. I love how it makes so much sense… ! I do, however, have a question related to my own textile work, if you don’t mind. I have been looking around to find someone who can answer this question for me…
    I hand sew all my work but I don’t make quilts.. now I hang them on frames, as I see so many here doing… My question is this:
    How do you get the framed wrapped so neatly? Looking at the ‘framed’ work here, I can see no joins, no folds at the corners or anywhere else. I attach my work onto handmade wooden frames (painted first), stapled to the back so the staples are not seen.. but I always end up with folds at the corners and I believe this hinders my work from being as professional as it should be. Can anyone answer this question for me? Thank you for your time…

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