Best of Blogging mini-course for artists

Best of Blogging mini-course for artists

Welcome to another edition of our Best of series, in which we take a retrospective look at some of our most successful and inspirational content.

Art and the internet. A thorny topic at the best of times, which appears to divide our community into those that make art, with those that make art and tell the world about it. It’s a subject simply had to address and so we produced a series of articles about the art of blogging.

10 reasons why you should be art blogging


In this article, we discover the benefits of writing and maintaining an artist’s blog. We reveal the best ways to use words for communicating your artistic message. We share advice into writing great content that could ultimately help sell your work and how to go about finding your audience online, as well as many other useful pointers to get you started. The article has been viewed by 45,000 people.

Read the full article here

How do I come up with topics for my artist blog?


We became aware that blogging was proving difficult for a lot of aspiring artists and dedicated this piece to finding some solutions as to why your blogs weren’t having the desired effect. Here we offer over 50 topics that you might consider writing about, as well as giving some top advice on how to keep your blog fresh and compelling.

Read the full article here

How to write a fantastic blog post


So you’re now focused and ready to get blogging about your artwork yet feel uncertain about where to begin and what to write about? Then this is the article for you. We provide you with a simple to follow, step-by-step guide to the process of sitting down to write a blog post, and offer reasons and encouragement as to why you should be doing it in the first place.

Read the full article here

15 tips for maintaining an artist blog


You’ve succeeded in creating your blog and it’s up and running then comes the difficult part, maintaining it! As the title suggests this article gives you some top practical advice and encouragement for keeping your blog going to gain the most rewards. knows only too well, consistency is key. An instructive and inspirational piece to cast your eye over if you’re looking for a gentle push:

“I am on the pathway to a career change, after many years of teaching. Now I can do what I love, but it still daunting. Your article is very helpful. Thanks. – Andrea Gaskell

Read the full article here

Got something to say about the art of blogging? We’d love to hear from you so please write your comments below.

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