15 Amazing WordPress gallery plugins

15 Amazing WordPress gallery plugins

Using jQuery image gallery plugins on your WordPress website can make the difference between a portfolio that looks amateurish and uninspiring and one that showcases your work in the best possible light.

Plugins add functionality to your WordPress theme and specifically gallery plugins can make great photos of your art really ping in a stylish, user-friendly environment. In this article I’ll introduce you to 15 of the best image gallery plugins.

1, Justified Image Grid Gallery for WordPress

Justified Image Grid - A highly versatile WordPress plugin

A highly versatile and responsive solution for beautifully displaying photographs on your WordPress site, the Justified Image Grid plugin replicates the style of Flickr and Google image search. Using jquery to align your thumbnails into a justified grid, you’ll be able to source images from your Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, deviantART, Stumbleupon and Tumblr accounts as well as directly from your WordPress website. A range of effects are available from desaturation to borders, from captions to mouse activated animation; the Justified Image Grid gives you ultimate control over row and column sizes and appearance and was our choice when creating the portfolio pages for textile artist Daren Redman: go to DarenRedman.com gallery page to see this plugin in action.


 2, Grid Accordion – Responsive WordPress Plugin

Grid Accordian WordPress Gallery plugin

This plugin was developed to be fully responsive, meaning that it looks great on any screen-size and adapts automatically when you resize the window in which you’re viewing the gallery.  Grid Accordian is simple to set up even for the least experienced WordPress user. Custom functionality provides the ability to define the number of rows and columns in the grid gallery to suit your photographs.


3, Easy Cycle Gallery for WordPress

Easy Cycle jquery image gallery plugin

An amalgamation of the jquery.cycle2 plugin and jquery.masonry, Easy Cycle Gallery generates rotating slideshows of your artwork. It also offers the functionality to embed videos into your gallery pages and link through to lightbox images. You will be able to set varying slide speeds for each slideshow gallery you create. Easily implemented in your posts and pages, all you need to do is add the generated short code.


4, 500px Gallery WordPress plugin

500px gallery, one of the best photo gallery plugins for wordpress

An ultra-easy-to-use and fully responsive WordPress gallery plugin that allows you display your images in a sidebar (with the use of a widget), on your gallery page or directly in your posts. Generate short code and simply place that code wherever you want the galleries and photo streams to appear on your website.


5, Ditty Flickr Ticker gallery plugin for WordPress

Ditty Flickr ticker wp gallery plugin

If you’re a fan of using Flickr then this is the premium gallery plugin for you. Ditty Flickr Ticker allows you to add images directly from Flickr by using short codes or a custom widget. It’s possible to add multiple sets of photos to each ticker too. The number of images you add is unlimited and simple instructions on the Ditty News Ticker documentation page will have you up and running in no time. Scrolling lists, rotating images, and grid displays are all easily achievable.


6, Behance Portfolio for WordPress

Behance Portfolio gallery query plugin

Do you use Behance to showcase your work? If so you can take advantage of this portfolio plugin to quickly and easily migrate your images to your own personal WordPress website. All you need to do is generate an API key over at Behance.net. This plugin has functionality that integrates with any WordPress theme and looks slick and professional. Fully responsive and offering optimal performance on mobiles and tablets, Behance Portfolio is a great way of displaying images in a beautiful and versatile environment.


 7, Mikado Grid Gallery WordPress plugin

Mikado grid gallery WordPress plugin for displaying images

Mikado is one of the best WordPress photo gallery plugins we’ve come across for showcasing images of artwork. Your pictures will be randomly fitted to a grid system that’s adaptive and looks spectacular. Slick animation and smooth response when the browser window is resized mean that your images display brilliantly on any size screen.


8, AD Gallery premium WordPress plugin

AD Gallery premium WP plugin for photos and artwork

AD Gallery offers a choice of 5 types of gallery setting; PrettyPhoto, PhotoBox, SGallery, PhotoWall and Filter – click on’Live Demo’ below to check out the possibilities. Extremely easy to configure in posts, pages and sidebars, this premium plugin for WP offers lots of customisation options without the need for any knowledge of HTML or CSS.


9, Dysania – Responsive JQuery Grid Gallery plugin

Responsive Grid Gallery plugin Dysania

Dysania is a user-friendly, highly customisable image gallery plugin offering unlimited galleries and filters that can be added to any post or page on your WordPress website. This plugin fits seamlessly into all themes and boasts 1-5 column layouts, 6 colour styles, and various slideshow options.


10, Fancy Gallery WordPress plugin

Fancy Gallery WordPress plugin for beautiful display of images and photographs

The key features of the Fancy Gallery WP plugin include an easy-to-use AJAX driven admin interface allowing quick and simple implementation of photo galleries, drag and drop functionality, various navigation options, and different colour themes. You’ll also have the ability to fade in and out, slide or overlay your images.


11, Responsive Pinterest Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin

Responsive Pinterest style grid gallery plug in for artists and photographers

This plugin doesn’t fetch images from Pinterest directly, but uses a similar style to the popular image pinning platform. You’ll have the ability to create responsive grid or masonry galleries and display them on your chosen posts or pages. Easily upload photos of your art in batches and the plugin’s backend will generate thumbnails automatically and display your photos in a beautiful and stylish portfolio setting.


12, Distinctive Post Wall – AJAX Post Grid

Distinctive Post Wall - AJAX Post Grid Premium WP plugin
The Distinctive Post Wall plugin gives you complete control; easily generate galleries with short codes and take advantage of numerous styling options without the need for complicated coding. A simple yet powerful way to showcase your images with a multitude of options for displaying or hiding titles, comments counts, and descriptions. The built-in social sharing feature means your pictures can be sent to Facebook, Twitter and other networks with just one click.


13, Go – Responsive Portfolio for WP

Go - Responsive Portfolio for WordPress sites

An ideal solution for generating portfolios and image teasers on your WordPress website, this jquery gallery plugin is extremely flexible and offers an attractive way to showcase your work. Customisable columns and rows mean you can give your gallery pages a distinctive look whether using the built-in slider or grid settings.


14, Stretch Gallery WordPress Plugin

Stretch Gallery JQuery Plugin for beautiful and stylish image display

If you’re looking to display your photographs in a more unusual way the Stretch Gallery for WordPress may well suit your needs. Highlights of this plugin include the expanding display feature (from a thin portion to the full width image with one click) and various customisation options and special effects.


15, WP Auto Albums – Multi Level Responsive Grid

WP Auto Albums - Multi Level responsive grid plugin

Using a simple shortcode this plugin displays beautifully gridded images in your WordPress posts and pages. Drag and drop functionality allows you to generate multiple galleries easily. One word of warning: the best way to upload images to this particular plugin is via FTP.


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7 comments on “15 Amazing WordPress gallery plugins”

  1. Rachel Biel says:

    Excellent list! Thank you for putting it together!

  2. Maeve Hunter says:

    Thank you. Love learning new things

  3. nancy says:

    It would be nice if the author of the article would add a date to when it was published. Software moves on so quickly, it would be good to get a feel how old these recomendations are. Maybe i missed it’????

  4. Great Post! You have explained every plugin very well. It is very informative and interesting post to read.

  5. Mark Henry says:

    Very impressive collection! Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

    You can also try one more gallery WP plugin called Portfolio Designer. It’s a user-friendly plugin that comes with Grid Layout, Masonary Layout, Slider Layout and Justify Layout etc. to build a portfolio. Its features like 50+ effective effects, advanced import and export, unlimited colors, powerful settings panel, are very fabulous.

  6. Alexander says:

    Thank you for sharing this awesome tutorial about WordPress gallery plugins to use in 2018. I suggest you to go through this list as well as these are the best gallery plugins https://www.wpblog.com/best-wordpress-gallery-plugins-2017/

  7. Simon says:

    Just want to share..

    I have used this wordpress plugin called “Innozilla Image Gallery 8” and its really simple to use and very lightweight. 😀

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