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Textile Artist Lynne Butt – Lost Sketchbook 1

Lost Sketchbook 1

Lynne Butt – Lost Sketchbook 1

Saturday 26th, September 2020 / 06:19

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2 comments on “Textile Artist Lynne Butt – Lost Sketchbook 1”

  1. Genny But,er says:

    I started a City & Guilds Creative Embroidery Course which due to accident and illness, I could not finish. I still love all creative embroidery ideas, especially freestyle and have lots of ideas, but need help to transfer those ideas into embroidery. I would also like to create freestyle creative embroidery with beadwork and acrylics. Help! If you can. Mamy thanks

  2. Carole says:

    I think this piece is amazing and I love the colour work. I too am recovering from an accident and I started with media studies now I looking at the textiles and embroidery. Lovely work.

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