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Who says you can’t be the artist you always wanted to be?

Do you feel stuck as an artist? Do you feel that you’re not achieving your creative potential? Or, worse still, that the art you make has no real value?

Dionne Swift at work

Perhaps your head is constantly buzzing with ideas for the next piece of textile art, but you struggle to find a starting point.

Or maybe you have a clear objective when you begin, but get lost somehow during the making process.

Or perhaps you’re frustrated because you don’t have a broad enough range of techniques to call upon to realise your concept and set your ideas free.

So what’s stopping you tackling these stumbling blocks head on?

Well sometimes life gets in the way and sabotages your artistic goals, right? Perhaps you’re so busy nurturing others that you don’t have the time or energy to invest in your own talent, your own creativity, your own future self.

Well, now it’s time. It’s time to nurture yourself. To nurture your own artistry and take the first step towards fulfilling your creative potential.

Finally, it’s time for you.

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“I want to be an artist, not a crafts person. How can I make this leap?”

Here at TextileArtist.org we’ve got an exciting opportunity for you to make that leap.  

We’re offering you a chance to move closer to your artistic goals by developing your ideas and embracing experimentation so you’ll never feel ‘stuck’ again. We want you to confidently move towards making work that is uniquely yours, value what you create and star in your own creative renaissance.

This unique opportunity will empower you to:

Dionne Swift artwork

Discover new textile techniques 

Dionne Swift textile art

Develop a rigorous, experimental process

Dionne Swift textile art

Hone your voice as an artist

Dionne Swift textile art

Explore new directions and rediscover old ones

Dionne Swift textile art

Refocus your creativity

Dionne Swift textile art

Flourish with new ideas

Dionne Swift textile art

Prioritise your art around a busy life

Dionne Swift textile art

Create a body of incredible, new work

You’ll do all of this through the power of learning in an exciting series of online courses with award-winning textile artist Dionne Swift. 

Textile artist – Dionne Swift
Dionne Swift at work

About Dionne

Dionne Swift studied Embroidery at Goldsmiths College and went on to a Masters in Textiles at the University of Central England.

She is two-time winner of the Craft & Design Magazine Selected Award and a celebrated creator of landscape-inspired textile art, as well as an expert in sketchbooks and using drawing to develop textile art. She’s also conceived an amazing method of screen printing at home without any expensive or sophisticated equipment.

On top of all that, she’s a great friend of TextileArtist.org and a really nice person! In our last phone conversation, she told us, “I feel that at 44 I’ve found that internal confidence in my creative process and fulfillment in my work. I want to help others embrace this freedom to ‘discover’”

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Affiliated tutor:

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Rediscover your voice

Because Dionne’s studio workshops regularly sell out within days of release, she's taken her teaching online, so you can share in the inspiration no matter where in the world you are.

Her online workshops have been described by her students as a "recipe for creative engagement". She’s committed to helping you make your ideas a reality, and has already empowered hundreds of artists just like you rediscover their voice and develop their practice to create work they can be proud of.

Dionne Swift textile art

Annette's story

"Whenever I felt I was making creative progress, real life got in the way. Trying to think artistically and create is almost impossible with the pressures of family and work. But Dionne’s course suited my situation – not just in terms of access and convenience, but it gave me that creative boost and consistency needed to find my direction."

Dionne Swift textile art

Fiona’s inspiration

"Since taking Dionne’s online courses I have been MUCH more experimental, incorporating lots of natural items in my work and expanding my embroidery language. And yet I’ve also been MUCH more focussed and selective. No longer overwhelmed and yet more diverse in my output."

Sam and Joe from TextileArtist.org

Oh, we haven’t explained who "we" are...

We’re brothers Joe and Sam Pitcher, and we’re the people behind TextileArtist.org, the number one online resource and community for artists working with textile techniques.

Our mission is to motivate you to embrace your unlimited potential, learn how to express yourself through experimentation and experience the satisfaction of pushing boundaries with textiles. Which is why we’re so excited to have teamed up with Dionne to bring you this incredible offer!

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So, what are we offering that’s so special?

We’re offering a bundle of 3 online courses, run by Dionne, that take you on a step-by-step journey of discovery. You’ll be inspired to explore new ways to approach your work, new skills to expand your work and new attitudes to power up your creativity.

Our Creative Journey package includes:

Developing Sketchbooks Online Course

Developing Sketchbooks

From 19th September for 2 weeks

You’ll explore a series of exciting practical exercises you can incorporate into any design project. You’ll engage with new ideas, develop imagery and make your sketchbook an essential part of your creative process.

Drawing for Textiles online course

Drawing for textiles

From 24th October for 3 weeks

You’ll be taken through a variety of dyeing, printing and processing techniques that will open your eyes to the possibilities of silk screen printing at home with no need for masses of space or expensive equipment.

Screen printing Techniques Online Course

Silk screen printing

From 21st November for 3 weeks

No matter your level of skill, this workshop will give you the confidence to draw in a meaningful way. You’ll discover how to translate what you draw into something tactile and textile based.

So, what does it look like?

When you join us, you’ll experience eight weeks of tremendous tuition in textiles, spread over three months. 

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Have the flexibility to study and practise when it suits you

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Enjoy the help and support of an active, positive and productive online group of artists just like you

Feedback icon

Receive feedback and comments from Dionne personally

Each of these 3 fantastic courses is delivered in ways that blend perfectly with your life. Your key to artistic confidence is delivered through a series of videos, PDFs, emails and blogs which will guide you through your creative journey, help you develop new skills to practice and empower you to push the potential of your ideas. All you need is access to a computer.

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“I loved Dionne's relaxed approach that gave you the feeling that nothing was wrong and that anything was possible.”

What this means for you

Your creative journey starts here...

Developing Sketchbooks From 19th Sept for 2 weeks

Textile Artist Dionne Swift

"Sketchbooks are containers of ideas and reflect what we're concerned with at a particular time. They are great places to test ideas out, to trial and experiment with media combinations, compositions and surfaces. They’ll help to inform you, inspire you, and before you realise it, your sketchbook may generate a collection of pieces."

Dionne Swift

You’ll have a two-week window to learn and practise, using your sketchbook as a tool for discovering your creativity. During this course you’ll:

Developing Sketchbooks Online Course
  • Blast through creative blocks
  • Explore new methods for developing ideas
  • Build a reference of concepts
  • Develop your visual vocabulary
  • Kickstart new pieces of textile art
  • Discover more about yourself and your unique artistic voice
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"Dionne’s sketchbook class was wonderful. It was by far the best online course I have taken. Her instructions and directions were clear and thorough. I've incorporated the ideas I’ve learned in my studio practice."

Drawing for textiles – From 24th October for 3 weeks

Textile Artist Dionne Swift

"Drawing is the lifeblood of my work. It’s the linchpin in the development of my ideas and in the understanding of my concepts. But I use the term drawing very loosely. I’m not seeking to create a realistic version of my vision, but one which has captured the energy of the landscape, the mood, the essence."

Dionne Swift

During this three-week course you’ll:

Drawing for Textiles online course
  • Learn the stages of seeing
  • Explore and develop your own drawing style, even if you’ve never drawn before
  • Change your perception of drawing
  • Learn to draw with purpose
  • Use drawing to discover and develop your ideas for textile pieces
  • Learn the skills to translate your drawings into textile surfaces
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"Drawing for Textiles pushed me from safe territory to more exploratory and fresh work. I really needed to develop my drawing and Dionne's approach really worked for me."

Drawing for Textiles is a course that will allow you to translate your ideas, boost your productive power and channel it into making considered pieces of work that reflect your own explorations and personality.

Silk Screen Printing From 21st November for 3 weeks

Textile Artist Dionne Swift

"It seems crazy to suggest that you can do this at home – silk screen printing has the reputation of needing vast amounts of equipment; huge screens, big washout areas and exposure units. I take a more accessible approach: learn my techniques in my step by step guide."

Dionne Swift

Screen printing Techniques Online Course

If you’ve thought that silk screen printing at home was impossible, think again. 

You’ll learn Dionne’s tried and trusted home silk screen printing techniques that will get you making finished pieces of work. You’ll be taken through a variety of dyeing, printing and processing techniques that will open your eyes to the possibilities of silk screen printing at home with no need for masses of space or expensive equipment.

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"The course has been fantastic. I have been extremely inspired by what I have learned – I had never done breakdown printing or used flour paste before, and I am wowed by them both – can’t wait to develop them further."

Proof it works

Here’s what some members of the TextileArtist.org community who have already taken Dionne’s courses are saying:

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"In one year I’ve built a workshop, printed with two old screens and sold my first thousand pounds worth of work. I can’t thank you enough. Everyone who’s finding it tough should try your online workshops."

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"My work was shaken and stirred. I am bolder with my ideas as well as the ways I approach doing the work. The courses helped me build the discipline of working every day, making what I see part of how I interpret through textiles. I now feel there are no boundaries, only the limits of my mind!"

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"I've been an educator for more decades than I am prepared to admit and I know good teaching when I see it. Dionne is one of those gifted and hardworking creatives who combine very good artistic practice with excellent teaching ability."

And that’s not all...

If you embark on your creative journey with Dionne Swift, you’ll also get these 3 incredible FREE bonuses to help maximise the benefits of the courses themselves:

Behind the scenes with Dionne Swift

Bonus 1: Behind the scenes with Dionne Swift

A visual PDF guide that dives into how Dionne uses the methods explored in her online Sketchbooks class practically in the day-to-day creation of her work. You’ll discover how to take the methods you learn in the online workshop and incorporate them into the development of your own ideas. 

Drawing for textiles with Sue Stone

Bonus 2: Drawing for textiles with Sue Stone

A visual PDF guide on how figurative textile artist (and our mum) Sue Stone uses ‘drawing for textiles’ in three distinct ways as part of her process. Sue’s approach to drawing goes hand in hand with the techniques Dionne teaches. You’ll discover that you don’t need to be a master of pencil and paper to benefit from drawing as a tool in the development of your textile-based artwork.

Screeprint textile art

Bonus 3: Screenprinted textile art

An inspirational PDF guide highlighting five textile artists using screen printing as the key to expressing their unique artistic voice. You’ll discover the diversity and flexibility of the technique. Once you’ve mastered the basics with Dionne’s course, the detail shots of screen printed art on fabric shown in this PDF will inspire you to experiment with a variety of styles and designs and take your screen printing to the next level.

Start the creative journey

Dionne Swift Online Textile Art courses
Dionne Swift bonuses

Online course 1: Developing Sketchbooks with Dionne Swift (From 19th September for 2 weeks)

Online course 2: Drawing for textiles with Dionne Swift (From 24th October for 3 weeks)

Online course 3: Silk screen printing at home with Dionne Swift (From 21st November for 3 weeks)

Bonus PDF 1: Behind the scenes with Dionne Swift

Bonus PDF 2: Drawing for textiles with Sue Stone

Bonus PDF 3: Screenprinted textile art

Offer expires in:

All 3 courses and all 3 bonuses for just £279

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Your questions answered

How much does the bundle of 3 courses cost?

The courses and bonuses combined have a value of £349. But we’re giving you the chance to get your hands on all 3 courses and all 3 bonuses for just £279. 

But that’s a lot of money for most textile artists!

We know that it seems that it's a sizeable investment but that’s exactly what it is – an investment. An investment in yourself as an artist. You’ll be giving yourself the opportunity to grow, to create, to expand and to take the first step towards fulfilling your artistic potential.

If you were to take a comparable face-to-face workshop, it would normally just cover one technique or subject. With the online bundle you get the advantage of sharing in Dionne’s expertise in three distinct yet related areas for a comparable price. Plus you don’t need to worry about finding money for travel or accommodation.

With an in-person workshop, once the day is over, you walk away and it’s unlikely you’ll retain everything you’ve learnt. With Dionne’s course you can go back and revisit modules you found particularly useful throughout the duration of the course period. And the ongoing value of the lessons you learn, put to use over the following months and years, far exceeds the investment you make now.

Plus, as a member of the TextileArtist.org community, don't forget you'll get all the fantastic bonuses we've put together, which aren't available anywhere else.  

What about the practical support and guidance you'd normally receive in a studio workshop?

Dionne knows that feedback and community are an essential part of the creative process. That's why, when you sign up to any of her courses, you'll be encouraged to share your work with her and your classmates, and get involved in conversations in her closed Facebook groups. 

Is the course live? Will I have to attend online sessions at specific times? Or do I get access to the course materials in order to access them on my own schedule?

The courses are delivered mainly through pre-recorded video. You’ll have access to these for the duration of each course. Developing Sketchbooks lasts two weeks, Drawing for Textiles lasts three weeks and Silkscreen Printing lasts three weeks.

Whilst it does make sense for you to block out time in these periods to make the most of the course materials, you will have unlimited access during the period of each course. It’s highly flexible, allowing you to work at your own pace and to your own schedule.  

I’m only really interested in one of the courses.

No problem! You can buy the courses individually without the bonuses. Just click on the links below:

Developing Sketchbooks – £80 | Drawing for Textiles – £120 | Silk Screen Printing – £110

If you’d like to:

  • Nurture your inner artist
  • Be tutored by an established, award-winning textile artist 
  • Learn new techniques and new processes
  • Establish a creative process
  • Grow your artistic potential
  • Create a catalogue of ideas to reference time and again
  • Be supported by an online community of artists just like you 

And if you’d like to start your own, individual creative journey right now, then join us today! 

Start the creative journey

Dionne Swift Online Textile Art courses
Dionne Swift bonuses

Online course 1: Developing Sketchbooks with Dionne Swift (From 19th September for 2 weeks)

Online course 2: Drawing for textiles with Dionne Swift (From 24th October for 3 weeks)

Online course 3: Silk screen printing at home with Dionne Swift (From 21st November for 3 weeks)

Bonus PDF 1: Behind the scenes with Dionne Swift

Bonus PDF 2: Drawing for textiles with Sue Stone

Bonus PDF 3: Screenprinted textile art

Offer expires in:

All 3 courses and all 3 bonuses for just £279

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