Experimenting with textiles
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How to develop a system for experimentation with textiles

Discover three simple concepts that will empower you to find your clarity in your process and confidence in your visual vocabulary

This free video training will help you to:

Sue Stone – Textile Artist

Sue Stone – Artist, workshop leader & Chair of the world renowned 62 Group of Textile Artists

  • Stop dabbling and start going deep by pushing the boundaries of your techniques and materials
  • Become more inventive, more productive, more focused and start working whether you feel inspired or not
  • Banish the ‘hit and miss’ approach to creativity and define a clear direction for your experiments so you don’t become overwhelmed, confused or demotivated
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What textile & fiber artists say about TextileArtist.org

Cas Holmes – Textile Artist

"TextileArtist.org gives contemporary textile practice a voice; leading artists, useful guides & a forum for textiles."

Cas Holmes – Textile Artist, Author & Teacher

Nigel Cheney – Textile Artist

"An invaluable resource. I am constantly sending students there & sharing it with other practitioners."

Nigel Cheney – Lecturer in Embroidered Textiles at NCAD

Carol Naylor – Textile Artist

"This website is exactly what we need in the textiles & fiber art world. A fantastic inspirational resource."

Carol Naylor – Textile & Embroidery Artist

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Joe and Sam Pitcher – TextileArtist.org

Joe & Sam Pitcher – Sons of textile artist Sue Stone and creators of TextileArtist.org 

Who are TextileArtist.org?

We're Joe and Sam Pitcher and we’re fascinated by textile and fiber art.

The reason? Our mum, textile artist Sue Stone.

Sue is Chair of the 62 Group of Textile Artists and the inspiration behind TextileArtist.org and this free training series.

Our mission is to empower you to reach your potential as a textile artist and enjoy the same clarity and confidence our mum has experienced since her return to a creative practice after a 30-year break.