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Featured textile artist Tilleke Schwarz

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About the Artist

Tilleke Schwarz is an international textile artist of great renown, she’s a member of the 62 group of textile artists, the Surface Design Association, the European Textile Network and the Schilderkundig Genootschap Pulchri Studio in The Hague. She has exhibited and lectured all over the world and has won several prizes for her work, including the European Coats Mez Sponsor price for Modern Embroidery Design in 1990 and the third prize in the Summer Exhibition 2011 in the Gemeentemuseum The Hague.

She trained as an artist at the Academy for Arts and Industry, Enschede and the Free Academy for Modern Art, The Hague. Until 2004, her pursuits as an artist were combined with a professional career for the Dutch national government.

Mixture of graphic quality, content and fooling around

Tilleke describes her work as a ‘mixture of graphic quality, content and fooling around’. She has been strongly influenced over the years by her Jewish roots and feels this is what gives her work its unique sense of humour, as well as its pathos; pieces should be reflected upon as a kind of ‘visual poetry’ and a form of communication with the viewer.

With its wonderful mix of contemporary textile art and traditional, Tilleke’s work can tell many different stories to many different people; there is always a narrative, but not necessarily a beginning, middle and an end.

To read our interview with Tilleke, click here.

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Sunday 24th, January 2021 / 23:09

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3 comments on “Featured textile artist Tilleke Schwarz”

  1. meta says:

    Yes, I think Tilleke is right with being neat with the threads. It’s difficult finding the right thread
    when it’s all tangled up into a big mess! 🙂

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