3 years of TextileArtist.org: Top 10 interviews of all time

3 years of TextileArtist.org: Top 10 interviews of all time

TextileArtist.org was launched in 2012 and over the past 3 years has grown to become an international community of the most passionate and dedicated people we’ve ever had the pleasure to come across. Our aim is to be the number one online resource for artists working with textile techniques. The daily comments from our wonderful readers suggest we are on our way there and we hope to continue to be a place of inspiration, where practitioners can learn from one another and reach out to other creatively minded people.

This is the second in our Best of TextileArtist.org series, in which we take a retrospective look at some of our most successful and inspirational content over the past 3 years.

Interviews with the world’s top textile artists have been a staple of our site since the beginning. We’ve chatted to a vast range of talented artists from the world of fiber and mixed media and to date we’ve published over 300 interviews. These unique people offer insights into what they do and how they achieve results.

The pieces listed here have been selected according to the number of times they’ve been viewed. So sit back and enjoy TextileArtist.org’s top 10 interviews of all time:

Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn: The more you look…

Jan Beany & Jean Littlejohn

In this in-depth interview from 2013, which has been read by over  16,500 people, renowned international textile artists Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn share insights into how it all began, and offer some invaluable advice to aspiring textile artists starting their own journey.

Together with some awesome images of their work, Jan and Jean talk about their first experiences, what initially introduced them to textiles and what sparked their imaginations.

“Continue your personal style and follow your feelings”.

Read the full article here

Rachel Parker interview: An experimental approach

Rachel Parker

Rachel was one of the very first artists we interviewed for Textileartist.org back in December 2012, having been introduced to her work at the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexander Palace that year. Her vibrant and detailed textile art on paper is both intricate and hypnotic.

Having graduated from Norwich University college of the Arts with a first class degree in textiles, Rachel discusses her training as well as her aspirations for the future.

Read the full article here

Melissa Zexter interview: Embroidered photography

Melissa Zexter

Published in 2014 and amassing almost 20,000 hits this interview with Melissa Zexter is an exciting and insightful look into a medium mainly unknown to our audience.

Here Melissa, who regularly exhibits in New York, talks about influences that captured her imagination and how she developed the Embroidery Photography technique. We also see some outstanding images of her work.

Read the full article here

Carolyn Saxby interview: Inspiration all around

Carolyn Saxby

Carolyn’s initial interview with TextileArtist.org, Timeless Textiles, proved so popular with our readers that we immediately invited her back. We wanted to discover more about the artist herself, her work and inspirations. Carolyn provides us with a stunning array of pictures and after a series of quick fire questions, she gives aspiring artists some sound advice.

Read the full article here

Karen Nicol interview: The versatility of textiles

Karen Nicol

With 15,000 views and over 100 shares this interview from May 2013 introduced us to the brilliant embroiderer and mixed media textile artist Karen Nicol, one of the 50 artists featured in our book 3D Mixed Media Textile Art.

During this interview Karen tells us how being a magpie has informed and influenced her astonishing body of work and why she was originally reluctant to become a textile artist.

Read the full article here

Lesley Richmond: The Intersection between craft and art

Lesley Richmond

This fascinating interview with textile artist Lesley Richmond prompted some passionate feedback from our readers. Lesley, who is originally from Cornwall, exhibits world-wide, from Baltimore to Poland.

In the interview Lesley discusses the devore technique, which involves gels, velvets and silks and we see the gorgeous results in some breath taking images from her body of work.

Read the full article here

Debbie Smyth: Inspired by memories

Debbie Smyth

Always on the look out for original and exciting artists to promote, in September 2014 we had the pleasure of talking to Debbie Smyth. Her interview has clocked up over 9,000 views.

Debbie, who is best known for her large scale thread drawings, describes her methods when working with big name clients such as Adidas, Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra, Sony and Hermes and tells us more about her material led process.

Read the full article here

Brigitte Picavet interview: Recycling the ‘useless’

Brigitte Picavet

This interview from 2013 struck a chord with many of our readers. Brigitte’s curiosity of all things ‘useless’ proved useful to her. She combines various techniques from the world of mixed media to blend recycled objects with astonishing results.

Here Brigitte explains what initially inspired her to become an artist and how her work has evolved since she began.

Read the full article here

Lindsay Taylor interview: 3D textile art

Lindsay Taylor

When doing some initial research into ‘Artists inspired by flowers’ we were blown away by the work of 3D textile artist Lindsay Taylor. Her inspiration from the ‘abundant beauty and untamed, intricate shapes of the natural world’ prompted us to find out more and we chatted to her in Octonber 2013. The interview has since been seen by almost 17,000 of our readers.

Lindsay explains how she came to push the boundaries of textile art and provides us with some sumptuous images of her designs. Lindsay is one of the 50 artists featured in 3D Mixed Media Textile Art.

Read the full article here

Andrea Graham: Feltmaking, a spiritual experience

Andrea Graham

Our interview with felt artist Andrea Graham sparked some lively comments from our audience. Andrea is celebrated for her innovative use of both traditional nomadic and modern felt making techniques, winning her many accolades.

We are thrilled that Andrea took time out to have a chat with us about her fascinating process.

Read the full article here

Got something to say about the techniques, materials and processes used by these artists – let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Share in the creative secrets of the world's most celebrated embroidery artists.

And discover how to create breathtaking art with textiles and stitch.

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