3 years of TextileArtist.org: Facebook mini course for artists

3 years of TextileArtist.org: Facebook mini course for artists

TextileArtist.org is going into its fourth year. Our aim is to expand and improve in every way possible so that you return to gain more ideas and inspiration. We receive e-mails from all over the globe describing what a wonderful resource it has become and, although we’re delighted with these comments, there’s always room for improvement. We intend to continue to bring you exciting interviews with top artists and informative articles that will get you started or help keep you going.

This is the third in our Best of TextileArtist.org series, in which we take a retrospective look at some of our most successful and inspirational content over the past 3 years.

Facebook has changed the way we operate as artists. Inevitably we wanted to explore how social media has influenced the way we promote ourselves, our art and the wider textile world.

Here we have 6 articles that have been read, liked and shared over the past 3 years. Feel free to do the same!


Facebook basics for artists

In this article published in August 2014 we went back to basics with a guide to creating your own Facebook page, a tool to gain fans who may follow you, and eventually want to buy your work. The article discusses the reasons for a presence and has the ultimate step by step guide of how to create your profile page with exciting results. According to the comments you made it certainly helped:

This is a very useful article as it explains in simple terms the basics of setting up and managing a Facebook page thanks for the information – Anne Jeffares

Read the full article here


Facebook for artists: Advantages and disadvantages

It was apparent to us this topic was of importance to you so we decided to delve a little further into the advantages and disadvantages of having a profile on Facebook. In this article, which was viewed over 26,000 times, we look deeper into the reasons for promoting your art on social media, the advantages gained from having a successful page and, in the interest of balance, we also discuss what disadvantages is could bring an artist.

Read the full article here

Social Media

Social media for artists: 13 ways Facebook can work for you

In this article from 2014 we take the reader on a guided tour through the Facebook experience, and also how to utilise other social media platforms. We launched TextileArtist.org in December 2012 but it was’t until the end of April 2014 that we decided to actually join the platform; in order to build relationships, introduce new people to the site and remind past visitors that we still existed! We invite you to read about our own personal experience and we include some top hints along the way.

Read the full article here


Facebook for artists: 20 ways to get more fans

Advice from Joe Pitcher co-creator of TextileArtist.org is never a bad thing and in this piece from April 2014 he tackled the question of how to raise your profile and get more fans by listing 20 easy ways to achieve this via your social media platform. From sharing your posts, messages and images to using graph searches and paying to promote. This article was not to be missed by anyone preparing to hit the world wide web stage!

Read the full article here

How to sell art on Facebook

With a whopping 22,000 hits this next article about how to sell art on Facebook clearly proved popular with our audience. Much of the content of our e-mails describes how difficult you find it to promote and sell your work. This article illustrates how websites like Facebook can be used to your advantage and explains just how you can achieve this with the simple click of a button.

Read the full article here

Facebook - Carol Naylor

Virtual waves: Textile art on Facebook

We asked regular contributor and TextileArtist.org favourite Carol Naylor to share her thoughts on the reality of Facebook and what, from her point of view, are the advantages and disadvantages of joining in the social media storm. She talks openly about how quickly our world has become virtual and how this changes our everyday lives, affects our communities and how Facebook helped her make new contacts, reach different audiences, and discover a way of sharing ideas and experiences.

Read the full article here

Got something to say about the rise of social media? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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